Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Long Blond Hair (photo)

, originally uploaded by shimelho.

Here's a hairstyle that has been around for awhile but always popular adn cute in the summer. Long blonde hair with slighly layering and face framing (and waves) with a just off-center party.

While it looks one-length, it's actually has layers in the front so it doesn't just hang down.

hairspray and gel help get teh hair away from the head near the ears as does blowdrying.

For this hairstyle, you'll need a skin color that can wear this light blonde hair (in the summer, more of us can do this b/c we have a tan and aren't too washed out), but also long blond hair that isn't too fine.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bangs on long hair (photo)

My new bang, originally uploaded by Mindtrigger.

One more photo of cute bangs on long hair.

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Paris Hilton Big Bangs and long blonde hair (photo)

SPL59391_031, originally uploaded by queensarahbella.

These bangs go pretty far back on her head, which for some of us, isn't a good look, plus, they end up annoying me but I wanted to show these as they care a classic bangs (think of all the little kids who have this hairstyle.) I think the middle part is what I don't like about it. becuase it looks like there's a triangle on her head.

Anyway, another bang hairstyle idea from Paris Hilton.

More bang/bangs hairstyle ideas (photo)

8/365 - new bangs, originally uploaded by little english.

Okay, she also cut these herself. Amazing.

These are perfect side bangs and pretty close to what I'm looking for. Plus her highlights look great iwth her bangs as they give them some depth.

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Long side bangs (photo) blonde

new bang 2, originally uploaded by eleisha.

According to the photo, she cut these herself which amazes me.

I wish there was a photo wiht the top of her head to see how far back she went, but I think these are great bangs for summer, long and with a slight side angle.

They frame her face really well.

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Cute bangs for long straight hair (photo)

I'm looking for bangs for summer, so expect to see a few posts with bangs. These are pretty classic bangs, but the reason they look so good is that they are completely straight across her forehead.

Bangs are great for people with long or oval faces (me!) so not too look too sad or too tired. THink of Alanis Morrisette, as cute as she is, when she had the straight long hair, it really made her face look extra long.

Anyway, cute bangs, cute gal, great hair.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Eva longoria Long layered somewhat feathered hairstyle (photo)

Long bangs and almost a middle part, just slightly to the side, plus a lot of long layers. She is so pretty she could wear most any haircut though.

A good style for women who wnat longer hair for summer, easy to pull back.

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Side Swept Bangs on Ashlee Simpson (photo)

Side Swept Bangs, originally uploaded by chewedcheckers.

She has pretty fine hair in texture, so you can see her bangs go back pretty far on her head. If yo uhave thicker hair, you can follow her look except, don't bring your bangs back so far on your head or they will be too poufy.

Also, if you get this style, just expect to always be brushing the hair from your eyes or shaking your head to the right or left to move your bangs from your face.

Cute though.

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