Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Keep-easy hair, originally uploaded by sugarpie honeybunch.

I promised to do the timewarp on Mondays, but in this great summer weather I forgot.

Anyway, here's an ad for Keep-Easy Hair by Kanekalon. Yes, you too can own mushroom hair that says, "I'm hiding in a big brown helmet." Dorothy Hamill, watch out, your competition is out there and ready to shine.

By the way, I love how it looks as if she's wearing a garter around her neck. Yep, nothing says sexy like a hairdo inspired by that guy Russell on Fat Albert.

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Cutest Bob for curly hair ever (photo)

new hair cut:), originally uploaded by zazie_.

I love this bob for women with wavy to curly hair because it doesn't look overdone, just natural, sexy/cute, chic, and sophisticated.

I know the woman in the photo is beautiful, but if you just look at her hair, you can see what a great style this is. Very Anthropologie.

Anyway, I wish I had curlier hair so I could wear this.

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Long hair, center part brunette (photo)

centre1, originally uploaded by longhairlover_pardeep.

Again, the center part which looks good on this thicker brunette, dark brown to black hair.

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Center part hair (long straight brunette hair) photo

centre2, originally uploaded by longhairlover_pardeep.

Classic style wiht subtle layering/face framing. Demi Moore wear hers hair like this, as does Lisa Ling.

The only concern with his haircut is that if you have a long face, it may over-exaggerate that.

A great style for oval or round faces though.

Very 70's, very hip now as well.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

HAIRSTYLE TIME WARP: The Wig! circa 1977

Poofy Hair-do!, originally uploaded by clarkfred33.

I've decided to do a weekly Monday HAIRSTYLE TIME WARP every Monday so we can remember what has worked in the past and what we may want to keep there...

Today's photo is The Woman's Hairpiece!

I was told this photo was taken in 1977, but it has a 1960's influence. But I remember my own mother wearing these hairpieces during the 70's. She would bobbypin it on her her real hair every morning! I even remember the styroform head she kept it on.

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Straight sexy hair (photo)

Straight sexy hair, originally uploaded by !!_Shay6OoOona_!!.

Very sleek long straight hair with angle at the bottom, long side bangs as well but pushed off face.

Side view of long sleek straight brunette hair.

Long layered wavy/curly hair with bangs (photo)

who has sexy hair?, originally uploaded by the_other_kelly.

This brunette cut is a great summer cut for someone with long hair and waves (even a little curly). IT looks best when just dried naturally or with a diffuser. You can use your fingers and hands to scrunch the curls.

Both a cute and sexy hairstyle for women.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Long Layers Center Part Hairstyle (photo)

Long Layers, originally uploaded by COCOLUXE BEAUTY.

Beautiful, somewhat feathered hair with the long layered look.

Reminds me a lot of Gabby's hair on Desperate Housewives when it was longer.

Keywords: Very long layered hair, long hair. women's hairstyles

After the haircut (photo layers)

and Cut!, originally uploaded by ktkntr.

Wavy hair with layers, done at home.

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Long Layers - How To

Long Layers 1, originally uploaded by ktkntr.

I thought this drawing was pretty interesting, how to give yourself long layers.

For those not as brave, we have hairstylists....

Short Pixie cut with wisps & funkiness (front & back photo)

new short haircut, originally uploaded by wip-hairport.

I realize these haircuts are getting harder to describe. This one is almost a pixie, but a little longer on the sides with wisps and the back has an interesting design on the bottom.

I'm just not sure how to describe it so the right person finds it. So I'd say artistic hair or short playful hairdo.

I guess I'll just call it a long pixiecut and be done with it.

Keywords: short hair for women, short hairstyles, Euro looks


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