Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cute side bangs short hair

Haircut, originally uploaded by Noodlemistress.

Like this short cut, though I'm growing my hair out and am not supposed to be inspired by cute short hairstyles.

I love this though.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Teri Hatcher - layered hair (half-side view)

Long layered hair on Teri Hatcher in 2009

One more Meryl Streep (photo)

1285ee3c6732, originally uploaded by aboutmerylstreepvn2.

Front view, layered haircut Meryl Streep blonde hair, longer bangs.

One more of Meryl's hair from It's complicated (funny movie, btw!)

Meryl Streep hairstyle from It's Complicated (photo)

b79ea268a320, originally uploaded by aboutmerylstreepvn2.

Here is it again swept back more.

Lovely the curls and waves. Of course, my hair is straight and slightly wavy, but I love this look.

Meryl Streep long hair style.

Meryl Streep hairstyle from It's Complicated (photo)

3e1150f029ac, originally uploaded by aboutmerylstreepvn2.

Side view of Meryl Streep's hair from the movie It's complicated.

So I saw it's complicated this week and loved Meryl Streep's hair in it. It's long with layers, and she's in her late 50's I'd guess and she looks great. Plus, this is a younger style that most women could wear.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Virtual Makeover (photos!)

Virtual Makeover, originally uploaded by klucita.

Eight Hairstyles- one you!

From short brunette haircuts and bobs to long and blonde.

Here's the photo note:

I found a website to try new hairstyles and makeup end even eye color!

I've been thinking about cutting my hair very short but I don't think I'm going to do it now. It's up to my waist right now.

Long side-swept bangs, soft edges (photo) hairstyle

Haircut, originally uploaded by Sweet.T.

This hairstyle has a long sweeping bang, then subtle long layers around the bottom. Hair is about collarbone length.

Very long bangs that sweep to the side and the ends of her hair are rolled with one of those big round brushes. The whole hairstyle can be done with a blowdryer.

Cute haircut!

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Short haircut with side bangs (photo)

my haircut, originally uploaded by Aloberyn.

I know I'm growing my hair out, but I think this short cut is so cute!

Love the wisp by the ear. A great haircut for women with oval faces.

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short ginger haircut (photo)

short ginger haircut, originally uploaded by trichomania.

Same 2 haircuts from another angle.

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See the above post for links to the salon, photographer, etc.

Great short haircuts for 2010

trichomania haircuts 2010, originally uploaded by trichomania.

Love the geometric look to these super short cuts!

Keywords; short haircuts, stylish short hairdos

Photo note:

haircut, colour and photo by Mark Weston

hair salon
Anglicka 8,
Praha 2, Vinohrady


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