Thursday, November 18, 2010

Back view of triangle angled multi-colored hair

MY06:g35, originally uploaded by mariayuspeluqueria.

Here's the back view of this red, orange and brownish hair.

Angles in back (looks like an M) and comes to a point in the center.

wild colorful short hair.

Multi-colored hair short shag haircut (photo)

MY06:g37, originally uploaded by mariayuspeluqueria.

Red, orange and brown in this geometrical haircut.

Love the bangs. Front view.

Short funky hair, haircuts, hairstyles. The back of this cut is above.

Curly Color Side View (photo)

Curly Color, originally uploaded by Fancy! Salon.

Haircut and Color by Sylvia Bueno

Beautiful curly long hair!

Haircut ideas for long hair curly.

Graduated Bob - cute short bob

Graduated Bob, originally uploaded by Fancy! Salon.

Love the angles on this

cute style!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bright red hair for fall (photo)

DSC_0301 Jenna 50_edited-2, originally uploaded by ocmack.

This takes red beyond natural into the funkyadelic. It's definitely for someone who does NOT want the natural look, but likes the unnatural, the artificial.

This color looks great on those with blue eyes. The blue will really standout.

Keywords: fake red hair, jello red hair, hair colors.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keira Knightley Cuts her hair Short 2010 bobs (photo)

Another celebrity cutting their hair short for fall 2010!  Love this new angled bob on Kiera Knightley, very perfect!

Keywords; short bobs Keira Knightly, new hairstyle for Kiera Knightley, Kira Knightly, Kira nightly, Kiara KNightley hairstyle, short haircut ideas

Teri Hatcher's New Adorable Short Haircut! (photo) 2010

Teri Hatcher finally rid herself of that long layered hair and came up with this incredible and darling bob.

Personally, I think she looks so much better!  It lifts her face and looks great on her.

I think a lot of women in their 40's go longer to hold on to their youth a bit longer, but let yourself go short and I think it just improves the whole overall look a woman.

Here's the photo--

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Linsday Lohan's New (old) Hair - back to red again (photo)

From People Magazine (Love it or hate it) - Lindsay Lohan is back out of jail with red (or I think more strawberry blonde locks.)

Keywords:  lindsey lohen, Lindsay Loen red blond hair, out of jail hair


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Spiky hair for fall 2010 (photo)

Valentina1, originally uploaded by Donadelli Ph Division.

red highlights with spiky short hair.

Photo note:


New Collection 2010

Hair: Marcello Donadelli
HairColor: Simona Latorraca
Make-Up: Fiorella Besutti
Technical Suport: Nico Donadelli

Photo: Marcello Donadelli

cute short hair for fall 2010 (photo)

new hair, originally uploaded by levinine.

Great pixie cut. Brunette, short, hairstyles.

Short hairstyles, pixiecuts for fall,

New bob hair (photo)

Chelsea Staub, originally uploaded by jblovatogomezx3.

The key to this bob are the longer sections (this can be done with a razor) that soften the front or if you want it more edgy, then use that glue product in your hair for more spiky look.

But shorter in back, angled in to the front. Nice blond color too.

Keywords; fall bobs, autumn bobs 2010, modern bobs, sophisticated bobs, cute bobs for all, back to school, college hair,

Rihawk. be bold. (Rihanna's hair)

Rihawk. be bold., originally uploaded by Forever Kenny.

Love these front back and side images of Rihanna's new haircut. Sometimes this si called a Ryhawk, but most of the images I've found are on boys. But love this shaved nape of her neck (star tattoos show), shaved side of head side bangs.

Auburn glam bob (gorgeous!) photo

85/365 New Hair :), originally uploaded by kjirsten :).

This is an incredible red auburn color, absolutely rich and love the lipstick with it. Plus, a nice bob for thick hair. Love the curls at the end.

Keywords: New haircuts for fall, fall hairstyles 2010, new hair for fall, new hair for college, back to school or work, retro looks, bobs for thick hair.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Layered Blonde Beach Hair (photo)

christy's cut, originally uploaded by hairbyarielle.

Since We're coming to the end of summer, thought I'd add one more photo of beach hair. A long layered style for women who want movement and style, and not much fuss.

christy's cut

177 Northeast 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444
(561) 572-1998

Thursday, July 29, 2010

short hair for summer (photo)

short hair, originally uploaded by .valerie..

Cutest short haircut! This really makes her eyes stand out. LOVE IT!

Photo note:

For those of you finding me through a search on "short hair", I got this cut at the Space Salon in Soho back when they charged a lot less ( Required minimal upkeep - just regular haircuts and a bit of styling wax. I have since grown it out, but it was fun for a while!


This is probably one of my favorite styles I've seen in a while for women who want shorthair. It really highlights her face (great for oval faces, btw!)

Keywords; Short easy hairstyles for women, short cuts for women, short haircuts for women, easy to style haircuts for women.

Friday, July 23, 2010

2nd place with most visits - Curly haired "street" bob.

Here's #2 for most all time visits on this hair blog-- and this is a great haircut for curly haired women.

See it here.


New Stats on Blogger - And the winner is?

This is the post that most people go to on my site.  Interesting as it's the back view of a bob haircut with a bit of layers.

Here it is if you want to see it for yourself...

Since the stats are new, I'm interested to see if this changes.


Monday, July 19, 2010

lady gaga hair bow (photo)

lady gaga hair bow, originally uploaded by xxclothesxxshoesxx.

And if you want to get your own hairbow (they come in different colors)

Check otu this photo note:

Lady Gaga Hair Bow! Buy from

Lady Gaga Bow-Tie Hair

Lady Gaga Bow-Tie Hair, originally uploaded by sepiabb.

You can buy these hairbows now, Lady Gaga inspired

Keywords: Lady Ga-ga, Lady Gaga hair-bow on top of head with sunglasses white dress

Katy Perry bob with bangs hairstyle (photo)

Katy Perry, originally uploaded by reyesking.

PHoto note:

Enjoy the pictures of Katy Perry at the San Remo Song Festival (February 17).

Visit for more celebrity photos! Get Hollywood gossip on famous people, find Hollywood celebrity pictures.

Keywords: chin length bob with bangs, flapper hair, bob hairstyles, cute bob haircuts, chic hairstyles for women

katy perry hair with bangs, long & layered (photo)

katy perry, originally uploaded by capellidavivere.

Easy going long hair with bangs. Singer Katy Perry hairstyle.

Keywords: katyperry hairstyle, katie perry haircut, katy pairy hairstyles, long hair for women haircuts hair cuts

Friday, June 25, 2010

long layered hairstyle (photo)

long-layered-hairstyles5, originally uploaded by rockangel3mo.

She kind of looks like Valerie Bertinelli,

Long layered locks, rockstar look with the layered ends, (a la Joan Jett, but not so dated). Layers start at about the ears and get more and more layered as they go to the ends (which can be done with a razor technique if you like).

Very flowy, cute cut for thick hair gals.

Keywords: long-layered hairstyles for women, long layers on long thick hair ideas. haircuts for women, hairstyle long and thick

Monday, June 14, 2010

Natalie Maine's new Buzz Cut

From the Huffington Post--

Natalie Maines from the Dixie Chicks new buzz cut.

(I think it's kind of ironic her last name is "Maines" - Mane??)  Natalie's Mane.

Keyword: Natalie Manes,  buzzcut, dixie chix.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Super cute short hairstyle for summer.

Cute, originally uploaded by Short haircuts.

love this shaggy style, but short.

Ashley Greene bob haircut (photo)

060809-ashley-greene-400, originally uploaded by iconography2010.

Pretty much the same CHarlize Theran haircut but in brunette and a little less angle at the base.

Charlize_Theron Side bangs bob hairstyle

More of a one length haircut for Charlize here very blonde and looks great with the dark red lipstick.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cute blonde bob haircut with center part no bangs (photo)

All one length bob, this si a good cut for someone with straight hair. Very clean hairstyle for summer, even a little shorter than chin-length, but a cute easy style for summer.

Keywords: summer short hairstyles, 2010, short bob haircuts, one length bob hairstyles without bangs.

Cute blonde bob haircut with center part no bangs (photo)

All one length bob, this si a good cut for someone with straight hair. Very clean hairstyle for summer, even a little shorter than chin-length, but a cute easy style for summer.

Keywords: summer short hairstyles, 2010, short bob haircuts, one length bob hairstyles without bangs.

Super cute blonde chin-length bob with longer bangs (photo)

This is the cutest cut for summer if you want short hair. It's also a great cut if you're growing out your layers, cut it up to here and let your hair grow out from this chic cut.

Keywords: chinlength bob haircut, hairstyle soft curled under bob short hair ideas for women.

Soft Brunette bob for thick hair (photo)

Bob with bangs and a little bump in the back. Very smooth style.

Keywords; Bob hairstyle for thick hair, bob with bangs, soft, sexy bob.

Super Cute layered bob with bangs (photo)

Love this new haircut for spring, a layered bob that angles down the face and side part bangs.

Cute and has a retro feel to it. Darling and would look on many face shapes.

Keywords; short hair, cute short layered in front haircuts, hairstyles, shorter hair.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

medium layered shag hairstyle (photo)

Great photo of a hairstyle that looks wonderful on oval or long faces. The bangs are essential if you have a longer face.

Very cute and actually, pretty easy to care for, you just need a BIG metal round roll brush to get the waves.

Keywords: medium to long shag, layered hair, cute cuts, photos of women's hairstyles, cute hair ideas, going from one length to layers, a good beginning cut. layered hair, blonde hair

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Darling chic shoulder-length hairstyle for curly or wavy hair (Photo)

new haircut, originally uploaded by the coveted.

This brunette style with bangs is perfect for women who want more of a short bob, but want to avoid the dreaded "momhair." Cute wavy side part with waves, and bangs.

Also, very cool with the fashion glasses.

Haircuts for curly, wavy, wavey hair.

Side sweeping bangs with some layers (photo)

new haircut two, originally uploaded by weetahbby.

Cute mid-length haircut, but what's great about this style is you have have it as long as you like.

Also, absolutely an incredible natural strawberry blonde haircut. All the blue-eyed gals looking for a natural blonde hairstyle, I'd recommend this and the length depends on you.

Keywords: Mid to short haircuts, medium hair length hairstyles, easy hairstyles,

Short Haircut with side bangs and slight layering (photo)

new haircut three, originally uploaded by weetahbby.

Love this cute blonde do with subtle layers, more of this style so you can see the layers a bit more.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Perfect Chin Length Bob (photo)

Migle's new (short) haircut, originally uploaded by condonj.

This is very angled and short in the back and I love the look of it directly head on. Stylish artisty look.

And the part is just off-center which is nice.

Chinlength bobs, short hair, short hairstyles.

Cute angled bob (side view)

Very stylish and avoids the "mom-hair" look that bobs can sometimes do if you're not careful.

This is truly chic and stylish and young. Love the way the side looks.

keywords: bob hairstyles, bob cuts for women, short cuts, short haircut, cute bobs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Annie Lennox & Kate Nustedt.

women for women event. Good people, good event!

March 11 2010

Annie Lenox short hair (photo)

Annie Lenox, originally uploaded by RickRaven.

She's just the coolest lady. I would love to cut my hair this short and go that blonde blond blonde! But ... I'm not sure I could do it.

I've sometimes said this will be my 50 year old self's haircut, so I have a few more years...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Fun bob with side bangs and chunky highlights (photo)

sister, originally uploaded by aprica.

Love this dark bob with choppy edges and longer side bangs

Bobs for women. hairstyles, bobs, artistic hairstyles, creative women hairstyles.

Another cute short hairstyle with longer bangs (photo)

Elissa, originally uploaded by aprica.

Love this for those who want longer short hair (if that make sense).

Nice bangs and sides. Very stylish and artsy haircut.

Keywords: Hairstyles for women artists, hairstyles for creative people, cute chic short hairstyles.

Cute short haircut with baby bangs (photo)

favorite haircut du jour, originally uploaded by aprica.

Love this pixie. And auburn haircolor!

keywords: Pixie cut, short cuts, short hair on women, sophisticated short cuts


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