Thursday, June 30, 2011

Another short cut but with side burns

d by brechtbert
d, a photo by brechtbert on Flickr.

This is the non-spiky version of the short hair cut where it's just natural and what would I call these-- "lady sideburns" ??

Very cute short hair cut for summer.

Another short hairstyle but in blonde

Hannah by brechtbert
Hannah, a photo by brechtbert on Flickr.

Angled baby bangs and short layered haircut all around.

cute haircut!

SUper short & spiky (Brunette hairstyle)

Laura by brechtbert
Laura, a photo by brechtbert on Flickr.

Here's the one of the easiest hairstyle to maintain.

Super short and you decide how spiky you want it.

short haircuts for summer

SHort blond hair

New 006 by *Pink*Diva*
New 006, a photo by *Pink*Diva* on Flickr.

For those who like a little more edge and choppiness to your cut, here's a great layered bob platinum blonde!

short hairstyle for women

Monday, June 13, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New haircut

New haircut by joeywan
New haircut, a photo by joeywan on Flickr.

Modern bob angle hair.

My Modern Bob

My Modern Bob by joeywan
My Modern Bob, a photo by joeywan on Flickr.

Side view of angled bob hairstyle with red highlights in black hair. Longer in front shorter in teh back.

Angled bob hairstyle

Stoked about my new haircut by joeywan
Stoked about my new haircut, a photo by joeywan on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
365 Days: Day 224

I've been looking forward to getting a modern bob for a while, and with my newfound perspective on life thanks to Bootcamp, I was ready for some drastic hair change. I haven't had hair this short since 1999. What do you think?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Straight dark hair with bangs

Saboten-Con Portraits by kevindooley
Saboten-Con Portraits, a photo by kevindooley on Flickr.

Beautiful cut esp. if you have strong features. and cheekbones.

edgy hairstyle

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer hair

That girl by Amaia Orozko
That girl, a photo by Amaia Orozko on Flickr.

Long and wavy. (Love the big boyfriend sweater too).

center part.

Summer hair headbands...

Summer sun by Amaia Orozko
Summer sun, a photo by Amaia Orozko on Flickr.

highlighted golden hair,

Bohemian Summer Hair Style

Braided, long and wavy. Cute!~

Long blond hair with darker lowlights at the ends

Beautiful cut and color here. Of course, she's gorgeous, but still, great hair for summer.

Here's the details on it--

Via Flickr:
From the June 2008 Eugene Strobist photo shoot. I had a bit of trouble finding the place and showed up a bit late. The location was NoName garage. The place was packed full of Volkswagen vans and parts. It was a fun place to shoot and everyone got some interesting shots.

Marissa absolutely does not know how to take a bad photo. Even when I was just taking test shots, she looked amazing without the slightest effort. She was awesome to work with.

Strobist: View the setup shot for lighting information.

Summer Blonde hair - Long with side bangs angled

Blonde hair; by CAITLIИ|
Blonde hair;, a photo by CAITLIИ| on Flickr.

Good for straight hair with much bangs and angled down.

Pink Hair with bangs

summer 2007/2008 collection by marimoon
summer 2007/2008 collection, a photo by marimoon on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
photo by Rodrigo Erib (

MariMoon by MissBella summer 2007/2008 collection



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