Saturday, March 7, 2009

Katie Holmes Before & After (photos)

katie-holmes, originally uploaded by chunsamira.

Here's Katie Holmes with long hair in a white modest suit, then the more sophisticated Katie with the chin length darling flip bob, side part with wispy bangs, in a strapless silvery dress.

While I think she is very cute with long hair, it shows how you can achieve a sophisticated sexy with short hair on women. Of course, she does look older with the short hair, so that's something to consider.

Ifyou're in your forties and fifties, short hair would look great on you if you do with style and find a chic cut like this one!

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Katie Holmes Glamour Cover Image (photo) Short hair she's in white Spring 2009

Katie Holmes, originally uploaded by lorenzisburning.

Here's a cute and sexy cut on Katie Holmes on the cover of Glamour this month.

She has bangs but they are pushed away, it's a layered cut. See the image on this blog below this for your hairstylist if you want to see how the sides are cut.

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Katie Holmes cute short cut from Glamour Magazine Cover (photo)

Katie Holmes, originally uploaded by lorenzisburning.

This isn't hte cover shot they used for Glamour mag, but it gives your stylist a good idea of how Katie's hair is cut if you want to steal her hairstyle.

It's a short somewhat layered bob, about chin-length with bangs.

Very darling!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fringe haircut with bangs (photo)

05 March 2009, originally uploaded by Alegrya.

This is a haircut that looks great many different shaped faces. The bangs make it great for oval faces and the angling and face framing on the side soften square faces.

A very cute feminine cut with the fringe wispy edges at the bottom really being the key feature to teh cut.

Side bangs (a little longer, almost side-swept), and some layering on the bottom.

This would be a great haircut for blondes!

Anywya, cute hairstyle for spring.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Red hair, Bob with thick bangs (photo)

Red is the new Blue, originally uploaded by ReBekha Michele.

This hairstyles takes a basic bob haircut and adds a bit of edge to it with the red hair color.

Thick bangs that curl under in the edges and a couple longer wisps so it's not too formal.

Cute cut and color!

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