Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meg Ryan short shag haircut

Meg Ryan 1 by oklanica
Meg Ryan 1, a photo by oklanica on Flickr.

short hairstyle of Meg Ryan, very cute!

Very cute Meg Ryan haircut with bangs

meg-ryan-200062 by oklanica
meg-ryan-200062, a photo by oklanica on Flickr.

Nice blog color, more of her classic style. Layered and very cute.

Cute classic Meg Ryan hairstyle

Meg-Ryan-hair62740 by oklanica
Meg-Ryan-hair62740, a photo by oklanica on Flickr.

choppy layered meg ryan hair

Choppy blonde hairstyle with bangs

s125 by oklanica
s125, a photo by oklanica on Flickr.

Love this choppy haircut! short.

Short blonde (almost) pixie haircut

58513281 by oklanica
58513281, a photo by oklanica on Flickr.

Cute supershort blonde hairstyle with bangs

Via Flickr:
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 29: Singer Kimberly Wyatt attends the Hair Magazine Awards 2009 held at Il Bottaccio on September 29, 2009 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Cute short haircut with waves and wavy bangs

2010-cute-short-haircuts by oklanica
2010-cute-short-haircuts, a photo by oklanica on Flickr.

I always forget her name... but cute blonde hairstyle

Cute short Haircut for fall

Haircut by LulaTaHula
Haircut, a photo by LulaTaHula on Flickr.

with mini bangs.

Cute blonde layered short cut

And love the glasses. Very writerly hairstyle.


haircut_all_sides by juleskills
haircut_all_sides, a photo by juleskills on Flickr.

Four sides to a really cute short layered hairstyle. Front, back, and the sides of a layered short hairstyle

Via Flickr:
I whacked around on my hair last night.

At-Home Hair Cuttin'

Cute Auburn Bob with bangs for fall

Beautiful cut and color!

Via Flickr:
The colorists at Fringe treated me very well.

Fringe Chicago
1437 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622-2015

Hairstyles for fall, best hairstylists in Chicago area, great hair salons in Illinois

Pink Short Indie Haircut...

Here's a hairstyle for those who want a little color in their lives and like short hair.


Haircut!- Cute wavy layered haircut

Haircut! by Lay-Luh
Haircut!, a photo by Lay-Luh on Flickr.

Love this longer layered cut for fall.

Via Flickr:
First haircut in Portland. Done by Ashley from Coffeehouse Northwest.


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