Friday, September 30, 2011

Anna Faris' New Hairstyle: sleek blonde bob

Here's Anna Farris in her new fall haircut (I've been seeing her in this on all the late shows and she looks great!)  Straight bangs, angled cut from back to front, but longer.  Very blond (not platinum but close to it), it's a light blonde!

Super easy to manage if you have fine or thin hair.  This would be harder for thicker wavy hair, but you could still do it. You'd just have to use the straightener to get this effect.  Or wear it natural.

Very cute hairstyle for autumn 2011!


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Dianna Agron's Hairstyle: Blonde wavy bob

Side parted and with texture, this is a great style for fall 2012.  Love the bangs and the waves.  IF you don't use a curling iron to get the waves/texture, this also looks great straight.

Cute bob for thick or course hair.

Very easy and casual and pretty haircut.

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