Monday, December 28, 2009

rachel maddow from her show (3 photos)

rachel maddow, originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

Here's how she looks on her MSNBC show. She's a cutie.

I wish I could wear her hairstyle, my life would be much easier as far as styling hair goes.

Keywords: short hair, Rachel Madow from her show, hairstyles

Air America Host, Rachel Maddow (short hair photo)

I think she is so cool. Love her super short hair here. Definite pixie cut for a non-pixie gal.

Air America Host, Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, host of The Rachel Maddow Show. Tune in Weekdays at 5am and Weekends at 2pm or check her out at!

Keywords: RachelMaddow super short haircut, short hairstyles

Rachel Maddow at in Aug 2009

Rachel Maddow natural.

Blue Harry Potter glasses and natural hair. Will also post hairstyle from her show.

Keywords: Rachel Maddow's hairstyle, short hair for women, women short hair.

Cute long blonde hairstyle (photo)

Emma Law - Head shot, originally uploaded by maxymedia.

Love the angled part in her hair and long side bangs.

Photo note:

Kiwi beauty Emma Law in the CLIVEvideo Studio.

It's important for actors and models to provide basic head and body shots for casting.

Blog entry on casting -

Keywords: Long blond hair with side bangs, hair for college aged women, long hairstyles, cute styles for 2010, long haircuts

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cute Short haircut for wavy hair (photo)

This is what cute wavy hair can look like in a short 'do.

Love this blonde hair with waves and layers and bangs.

Keywords: short wavy hairstyles for women, short haircuts for wavy hair, hair ideas for wavy hair, hairstyles for wavy hair.

For moreProduct info:

Rachel Hunter long layered hair (photo)

Rachel-Hunter-8, originally uploaded by rossingen.

Long long layered hair on Rachel Hunter. Just off from the middle. Thsi is a good haircut for women with long faces who want longer hair because it's layered higher up.

Keywords: blonde long layered hair, layers.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Extreme Wedding Sports- New York Weddings

Extreme Wedding Sports, originally uploaded by Ryan Brenizer.

If you like this photo, check out the blog:

And the New York wedding photographer behind this photo - Ryan Brenizer.

I was looking at his wedding images, incredible.

This is just one gorgeous couple, but aren't all brides and grooms? Love her 1940's style look at hair accessory. And absolutely beautiful wedding gown.

Great photo!

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Charlize Theron hair (photo)

Charlize Theron, originally uploaded by sislivadi.

blond Charlize Theron hair - shoulder length (actually just past) with side bangs. She uses a curling iron here to get the curl. This is a good cut for women with long faces as the bangs help and allow you to have long hair.

Cute blond cut - keywords: charlene theron hairstyles, charlize theran haircuts,

Cutest Pixiecut ever (photo)

22, originally uploaded by autumn2004.

Right now I'm growing my hair out, but down the road I will return to this cut! It is perfect. What makes it so cute are the bangs and the color. The bangs are absolutely perfect. Very Audrey Hepburn or Audrey Tautou (that's probably spelled wrong, but she was in the DaVinci code, or with her short cute hair in Amelie- a great movie by the way)

Anyway, this cut is great if you have large eyes. Also good on Irish women.

The key to these short cuts if you don't want to feel like a boy are the pearl earrings. or any sort of earrings.

Also, her eyebrows are absolutely gorgeous and perfect and that helps.

Anyway ,I just think this is the cutest pixie haircut ever. It helps that she has incredible skin, but even without seeing her, the bangs make this cut so great.

Keyword: super short haircuts for women, sassy sexy short hairstyles for women, pixiecuts, pixie haircuts, cute pixie hair with bangs, short short hairstyles.

Long layers (photo)

I got a haircut!, originally uploaded by fruitnveggies.

If you really have thick hair and need some layers, these work pretty well if you want something that creates a lot of angles, wispy and can even be choppy.

These aren't good for anyone with thin hair as they will just fall on top of each other, but thick haired women, this could be a style that works for you if you don't want one length or subtle layers.

Keywords; longer hairstyles, shoulder length layers, brunette layers, layered cut for shoulder or longer hair, women's hairstyles. haircut layers ideas.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pageboy no bangs (short bob photo)

Lip length 1, originally uploaded by hairxstatic.

okay, this is very close to the hairstyle the actress on Frida had but her hair was parted on the side.

I love how the hair goes to the cheek. Anyway, you can go even more Hollywood glamour with a vintage cut with bangs, or more modern (but classic) like this.

Good cut for thick hair. And looks great on brunettes. this proves how sexy short cuts can be. And sophisticated too.

Keywords: page boy haircut, pageboy styles, hairstyles, haircuts bobs, bob hair, short hairstyles for women, short cuts no bangs, brunette hairstyles.

Very cute auburn bob (with wispy side bangs) photo

0678, originally uploaded by stefie_jones.

This is the pageboy I was looking for, but I thought this was an adorable bob haircut if anyone wants to go short for 2010 as it's much more casual and flirty than a regular bob.

Keywords: redhead bob, bobs, hairstyles, short hair, short bob hairstylees, flirty hair, cute short haircuts for women.

Pageboy hairstyle (photo) with bangs

Picture 653, originally uploaded by stefie_jones.

I was watching Frida (the movie) the other day and there was an actress in there with the cutest page boy haircut and I realized I didn't have a photo of a darling pageboy on my site.

This is very close to what I saw except in Frida she didn't have bangs.

It's very much like a bob, but has a more 40's glamour feel to it. I'll see if I can find out without bangs.

keywords: page boy with bangs, bob with bangs, brunette, short haircuts, short hairstyles, classic looks, classic hair

Longer hair with bangs (good look for 2010!) photo

OUT919294, originally uploaded by maverick_mitchell4055.

This is a great look for women of most ages! For younger women, but also for 40-somethings who still like long hair.

The key to this style is to leave it a little messy and if you have straighter hair, you will need a curling iron to get the waves.

My friend just got this haircut (though her bangs are long so she can tuck them behind her ear---another option) and it's incredible on her. Works very well with her Anthropologie warddrobe.

You can also wear the bangs out of your face with a little hairspray.

Enjoy this look for 2010.

Keywords: shoulder-length hair, layered hair, anthropologie hair, hairstyles, blonde hair, long hair idea, haircuts for women, hairstyles for the ladies.

So this is the answer I received when I googled:

How fast does hair grow?

"A: The speed of hair growth is roughly 1.25 centimeters or 0.5 inches per month, being about 15 centimeters or 6 inches per year. With age the speed of hairgrowth might slow down to as little as 0.25 cm or 0.1 inch a month."

That means if you're trying to grow out your hair you really need to skip appointments (with short hair people go every 6 -8 weeks) but if you're growing out your hair, you should really try for for 12-14 weeks and then make sure you have a stylist who doesn't cut off anymore than 1/2 inch in length otherwise it will take you forever to get it grown out.

I know this because I'm growing out my short bob from spring and it just finally reached my shoulders because my hairstylist can be a little scissor happy and thinks 1/2 inch is really an inch and half.

Anyway, just sharing that. MOre photos of good hairstyles to come soon. I've just been busy with life.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cute casual hairstyle (photo)

What I Wore Oct 20 b, originally uploaded by What I Wore Jessica.

a deep side part and full in the back.

Keywords: stylish, not too-formal or made-up haircuts for real women. hairstyles for women chic

Anthropologie hairstyle (photo)

Probably new hairstyle, originally uploaded by jdiva478.

A romantic hairstyle from Anthropologie catalogue. Most women will need large hot rollers to get this volume, but wow! A few differetn ways to wear it.

Keywords: long luxurious bobs hair, women's hair, anthropologie looks haircuts

Monday, October 12, 2009

Medium to long hair layered, side part, some fringe (photo)

I like this cut with the long bangs and fringe on the bottom that curls in aroudn the neck.

It is a soft cut and I really apprecaite that look, esp given that I somehow ended up with a very blunt (aka "dramatic") cut with too harsh of edges.

I think this hairstyle could have a lot of variety to it.

Keywords: soft layered cuts, red hair, redhead, cute layered cuts for long to medium length hair.

For thick blonde hair (photo)

I am trying to determine if this is a cute haircut or if the woman is just very beautiful and could be wearing a plaid mohawk and look good.

I think it's pretty cute layered like that, but not sure if she's just a pretty face.

Haircolor Medium 01b - Blond

Keywords: shoulder length hair, haircuts for women, thick blonde haircuts, hairstyles, hair

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Very Cute shoulder length Christina Applegate hairstyle (photo)

Christina Applegate, originally uploaded by az29c.

This is a very cute cut for someone with a longer face. Some layering near the face then curling iron curled. Nice color blond as well.

Very cute shoulder length style made just a little shorter iwth the curls.

Christina Applegate long blonde hairstyle (photo)

Christina Applegate, originally uploaded by gossipcop.

Long feathered hair, 2009

center part with long hair.

Kate-Moss with Short hair and bangs (photo)

Kate-Moss, originally uploaded by Short haircuts.

Here's Kate Moss with a boycut that looks very chic on her. I actually like her better in short hair (like Linda Evangelista), she has great bangs here. Rather preppy and yet, it has a bit of an urban edge and definitely chic and sophisticated.

Keywords: short hair, bangs and short hair, chic hairstyles short for women

Kristen Stewart's short, black haircut (photo)

Kristen Stewart, originally uploaded by Short haircuts.

Kristin Stewart of Twilight a bit Goth looking in this short, somewhat punk or punky hairstyle. Long wisps by her eyes, dyed very dark, black.

Not her Bella hair. Does she pull this off?

It almost looks as if it's in a ponytail to me.

Keywords: Kristen Stewart Bella Swan short haircut hairstyle

Cute choppy bob, above the shoulders (photo)

Candace - Haircut, originally uploaded by Matt&Sommer.

Cute cut and easy to style. Good for straight hair, or hair with just a bit of a wave.

hair cut short pattern female (photo)

Well, she's not quite looking up, but here's the checkerboard look again.

Photo note:

haircut by sabine at the salon wip-hairport in lisbon, portugal 2008.
she is a regular client and good friend who likes her hair short. she is open-minded and likes to experiment.

Checkerboard Hair (photo)

This unique cut is a short cut for a woman that looks like a checkered cut. The photo above it shows what she looks like with her head up. I think it's pretty amazing to look at. The hair is dyed a pale white adn then the clippers make the checkerboard look. The roots below make the "black" or darker squares. Pretty interesting styling here.

haircut short pattern female, haircut by sabine

Unique hairstyles for women, hair that looks liek a checkerboard, checker hair, short funky indie hair

Indie Haistyle for Fall- Dyed red and styled like leaves...(photo)

Short haircut with pieces that look like red leaves...

dyed hair and haircut jezz.... haircut by sabine, color by birgit


I could so not get away wiht this haircut, but it is so fascinating to me. There's another I want to share as well. It's pretty amazing to see. It adds a uniqueness to hair I don't always see, but honestly, while I'm not sure I could wear this myself, I'm fascinated by these hairstyles and dye jobs.

Keywords: Indie hair, unique hairstyles, too-cute-to-be-punk hair, funky hairstyles, funky haircuts and colors,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kate Hudson hair (photo)

Kate Hudson hair, originally uploaded by discoveringhair.

Classic Kate Hudson California beachy hair. Very beautiful blond style.

Keywords: Long blond hair, long hair, wavy hair,

Goldie Hawn Bangs (photo)

Goldie Hawn, originally uploaded by Latin Snake.

Goldie Hawn's classic blonde hairstyle of middle part and think bangs that feather to the sides a bit.

Long and not dried flat, but more of a natural wave.

Diane Sawyer longer hair (photo)

Diane Sawyer, originally uploaded by asterix611.

Side part shoulder length hair with bangs.

Charlize theron Super SHort Pixie Cut (photo)

Charlize theron, originally uploaded by jens021.


Charlize Theron blond bangs side part

Charlize Theron, originally uploaded by sislivadi.

I think this is from the Late Show in her lace top up to the neck, but love the side part and shoulder length hair.

Keywords: CHarlene Theron hairstyle, Charline, Charleze Theron haircut, hair

Charlize Theron Cute Curly hair Blonde bob (photo)

Charlize Theron, originally uploaded by ipwallpapers.

Charlize in her Albert Einstein tank top with super curly blond bob. Very cute!

Charlize theron Shoulder length hair

Charlize theron, originally uploaded by jens021.

Charlize Theron shoulder length hairstyle with bangs and side part

Karin and Kelly McGillis short haircut (photo)

Very cute blonde Kelly McGillis with short hair and Karin McGillis with cute blond bob.

Keywords; pixiecut, short angled bob

Cute Olivia Newton John hair (photo)

Olivia Newton John, originally uploaded by brett_mcnab.

bangs with a longer bob style. Good for thick blond hair.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

vogue michelle-williams short haircut photo

If I wasn't growing my hair out, I would completely go and get this cute Michelle Williams pixiecut as seen on the cover of Vogue this month.

Keywords: blonde pixiecuts, michelle william short hair, short hairstyles

Michelle Williams short haircut - Vogue UK

Michelle Williams @ Vogue UK, originally uploaded by Hey Roch.

Very cute short haircut with bangs on Michelle Williams. Very 60's inspired. Reminds me of Goldie Hawn from Laugh in and Twiggy's style.

Short hairstyles, vogue short haircuts, cute pixiecuts, michelle williams pixie cut

Friday, September 4, 2009

Rachel Bilson's Hairstyle (photo) - Steal this look

I just saw her on Project Runway last night and while her hair didn't look fantastic there, it reminded me how much I like her look.

This hairstyle is great for fall, parted in the middle, some layering (and even slight feathering), and long.

Pretty light auburn color too.

Also, love the black leather jacket, jeans and big scarf.

Keywords: Rachel Bilson haircut, Rachel Bison, Rachel Bilon, hairstyle, hair, long hairstyles for women, long hairstyle ideas, steal this look

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kate Gosselin hairstyle (photo side view)

This has been a popular hairstyle recently- Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 (now, minus Jon) and while I love the front of her hair (very Victoria Beckham), I'm not sure I'm crazy about the party in back.

The back of her hair is very spike and she does it up by really spiking it. Of course, I do like that she found her own signature hairdo which I think is what I'm always looking for in my life (one of the reasons I started this blog!)

So if you get this, I say yes to the front, yes to the color, but NO to the funky spikiness in back. I'd just get some subtle layers, but not the short short layers she has. Plus, you can see how the shorter parts show grow-out faster.

Still, she's on this week's cover of People Magazine and looks good.

Keywords: Kate Gosselin hairstyle, Kate Gosselin haircut, Kate Gosslin hair, short hair for women, Kate Gosselyn hairstyle,

kerry katona wavy beach hair (photo)

kerrykatona07, originally uploaded by gwg_fan.

While I'm pretty sure this photo wasn't taken at teh beach, I like this style of wavy beach or summer hair. A highlighted brunette with blonde streaks plus the natural wave - which if you have it can be achieved with a disfuser on your blowdryer or just to let your hair dry naturally.

Many times hair looks like this after swimming. It's definite a hairstyle that is cute by not really being a hairstyle. It's not your professional do, but a casual hairstyle of summer.

Your stylist can give you this color by highlighting if you're a brunette, it's very easy to do with a foil.

Keywords: kerry katona hair, kerry katona glasses midlength hairstyles, beach hair, summer hair, highlighted hair, foiled hair, blonde summer highlights, long layers

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Big Curls Layered Hair (photo)

I love the romantic look of these long waves and curls in this past shoulder-length haircut.

Some bangs, but a lot of wonderfully big curls on this brunette style, though this would also look great on blond or redheaded women.

Keywords: mid-length hairstyles, mid-length hair, layered long hairstyles for women, women's haircut ideas, longer hair ideas, waves, curls, curly hair.

Super cute short hair for fall (photo)

Purple, originally uploaded by jennysuka.

I love this cute because it looks smart and doesn't look like a helmet!

The wisps on the side of the face, plus the different lengths of bangs is what makes thsi hairstyle work.

Darling! And great for anyone with fine or straight hair!

Keywords: short hairstyles for fall, short haircuts for autumn 2009, indie cuts, new styles for fall, short styles for fall 09, longer pixiecuts, longer pixie cuts, short hairstyles for women

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kendra Wilkinson's new Shorter Hairstyle (photo)

This is from Kendra Wilkinson's website.

Her new shorter hairstyle. She wrote that she wanted a new "mommy 'do" (she's expecting a son who is due on Christmas day) so she chopped off her locks, but it's still a nice longer length and looks fantastic. I actually think I like it better than her longer hair. Of course, she could wear a jester's hat and still look gorgeous.

Keywords: Girls Next Door, Kendra show, Kendra's new haircut. Longer blonde hairstyles, haircuts of celebrities.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Time Warp Hairstyle: 80's Hair!

My 80's Hair Hero: Daryl Hall, originally uploaded by libraryman.

The best part of the 80's was that men, women, girls and boys could all where the same hairstyle.

Here's singer Daryl Hall (from Hall & Oates) in a somewhat mullet big hair big bangs hairstyle that would look just as perfect on a female.

We had bodywaves, we had curling irons, we were the original Breakfast Club.

Let us never forget our feathered hair and let us never go back to that overly layered look again unless there is one heck of an 80's party going on sometime in the future--

Keywords: hairstyles from the 1980's, big hair, feathered layered hair,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Keep-easy hair, originally uploaded by sugarpie honeybunch.

I promised to do the timewarp on Mondays, but in this great summer weather I forgot.

Anyway, here's an ad for Keep-Easy Hair by Kanekalon. Yes, you too can own mushroom hair that says, "I'm hiding in a big brown helmet." Dorothy Hamill, watch out, your competition is out there and ready to shine.

By the way, I love how it looks as if she's wearing a garter around her neck. Yep, nothing says sexy like a hairdo inspired by that guy Russell on Fat Albert.

Keywords: vintage hairstyles, retro hairstyles,retro wigs, Vintage hair ads, wig ads, funny hair ads, funny vintage magazine ads,

Cutest Bob for curly hair ever (photo)

new hair cut:), originally uploaded by zazie_.

I love this bob for women with wavy to curly hair because it doesn't look overdone, just natural, sexy/cute, chic, and sophisticated.

I know the woman in the photo is beautiful, but if you just look at her hair, you can see what a great style this is. Very Anthropologie.

Anyway, I wish I had curlier hair so I could wear this.

Keywords: wavy bobs, curly bobs, chin length bob haircuts, curly bob hair, bobs hairstyles for curly hair, Anthropologie hairstyles, chic short haircuts for women

Long hair, center part brunette (photo)

centre1, originally uploaded by longhairlover_pardeep.

Again, the center part which looks good on this thicker brunette, dark brown to black hair.

Keywords: centre part, centerpart hairstyles, center haircuts for women, women hairstyles.

Center part hair (long straight brunette hair) photo

centre2, originally uploaded by longhairlover_pardeep.

Classic style wiht subtle layering/face framing. Demi Moore wear hers hair like this, as does Lisa Ling.

The only concern with his haircut is that if you have a long face, it may over-exaggerate that.

A great style for oval or round faces though.

Very 70's, very hip now as well.

Keywords: straight, centerpart hair classic long hair, women

Monday, July 20, 2009

HAIRSTYLE TIME WARP: The Wig! circa 1977

Poofy Hair-do!, originally uploaded by clarkfred33.

I've decided to do a weekly Monday HAIRSTYLE TIME WARP every Monday so we can remember what has worked in the past and what we may want to keep there...

Today's photo is The Woman's Hairpiece!

I was told this photo was taken in 1977, but it has a 1960's influence. But I remember my own mother wearing these hairpieces during the 70's. She would bobbypin it on her her real hair every morning! I even remember the styroform head she kept it on.

Keywords: Hairpiece, 1970's hairstyles, 1970 hair pieces, 1970's wig accessories, Women hairstyles in the 70's, 70s hair (for moms!) ;-)

Straight sexy hair (photo)

Straight sexy hair, originally uploaded by !!_Shay6OoOona_!!.

Very sleek long straight hair with angle at the bottom, long side bangs as well but pushed off face.

Side view of long sleek straight brunette hair.


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