Friday, March 28, 2008

cute trendy haircut for brunettes (photo pic)

Originally uploaded by SnowSara

very cute layered cut with mini bangs, straight and layers throughout with a flip at the end,

brunette hair, haircuts for women cute hairstyles,

One length classic bob with bangs (photo)

Now with bangs
Originally uploaded by emilym

Her'es a blonde blond classic blunt bob cheekbone lengthy with thick heavy bangs.

Cute cut and golden color.

Keywords; short haircuts for women, cute shortcuts, short hairstyles

Great bangs for thick long hair, (photo pic)

I have bangs!
Originally uploaded by bifteck

These bangs go to the side just enough and work well in thick hair. Her long hair is angled to frame her face, but still long.

Keywords: hairstyles for women, modern haircuts, brunette hair

Very cute brunette hair with angled bangs and a flip at the ends (photo pic)

O! the hair!
Originally uploaded by Bjam

Darling haircut with layers to create a flip at the end. Also, the bangs angle down the side, so they are little sideswept.

Very cute for women with oval or round faces and thick hair.

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beautiful red hair (from a bottle!) photo

My new bottle-red hair 7-11-07
Originally uploaded by Opal in the rough

I wish I knew the color or the brand, but fantastic red auburn hair with classic bob with bangs for thin hair.

women's haircut, hairstyle.

Cute side Audrey Hepburn bangs (photo)

Emo bandana
Originally uploaded by Pretty Penny Plastic

Casual bandana with brunette bangs, thick hair,

hairstyles for women

Layered haircut (sort of Nicole Richie) with side-swept bangs (blond photo)

Originally uploaded by samanthajo

Very pretty layered cut with side-swipe bangs. Long layers and good for fine or thin hair.

Women's haircuts, women's hairstyles

Red auburn bangs for thick hair (photo)

bangs 009
Originally uploaded by Kimmaline

Picture of classic style thick full bangs with long straight hair with reddish highlights.

bangs haircuts, bangs for women, hairstyles for women

Cute blonde blond bangs (photo)

megan's new bangs and healthy hair
Originally uploaded by Hair Stylist Kira Pinski

Bangs for thinner blond hair. A little choppy, wispy, blonde with even lighter highlights.

Keywords: photos of bangs, women hairstyles, women's haircuts with bangs.

Long blonde blond shag haircut (photo pic)

5-07 new cut nik
Originally uploaded by seriouskidding

Golden blond shag haircut wtih lighter blonde highlights, long bangs, shag style.

Very cute and a nice style for women with round, heart, or oval faces.

Keywords: long shag hairstyle, shag cuts, long hair, women hairstyles

Long shag haircut brunette (photo pic)

Post-shag hair
Originally uploaded by Filipohfish

Lovely long shag haircut for women with thick hair. Bangs, layered throughout the side, past the shoulders and collarbone.

A natural wavy throughout.

Good haircut for women in their 20's, 30's, and 40's. Women who are outdoorsy or want a sexy haircut. It can be a casual cut or hot ironed for a more polished look.

Keywords: side shot of shag, layered hair, long shag hairstyle, hairstyles for women, natural brown hair,

Strawberry Blonde pixiecut (photo)

Blonde pixie
Originally uploaded by Au Contraire

Picture of pixie hairstyle with baby bangs (very short bangs) and short layers all over. Very cute.

Keywords: short haircuts for women, stylish chic haircuts, sophisticated cuts, short hair

Short blonde haircut (pixie, shag, short hair) photo pic

short improvement
Originally uploaded by loveitshort

Very cute layered haircut, maybe with a little razor-edge, shag haircut, but also pixielike.

Nice golden blonde color

Short haircut for Asian hair (photo)

Mel's New Hair
Originally uploaded by JoHunter

Cute hairstyle for Asian hair, layered with bangs, hairstyles for women

Easy to care for hair.

Suggestions for Older Woman to have "Younger Looking Hair"

Here's a link from MSN on an article about women in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties taking care of their hair--

Does Your Hair Make You Look Old?
Don't let your tresses age you. Try these easy, take-the-years-off tricks, tips and products.

Here's a bit from it:

"A woman in her 40s doesn't have the hair she had at 20 — it's not just her imagination," says British hair expert Philip Kingsley, author of The Hair Bible. As we age, our locks and scalp are affected by a trio of tribulations — namely dryness, dullness, and thinning. But our accumulating birthdays are not all to blame; dyeing, blow-drying, and styling all contribute to the damage.

"Women need to think about their hair the same way they think about their skin," says Gretchen Monahan, a Boston hairstylist and style expert for the Rachael Ray Show. "We're used to moisturizing and protecting our faces, but we don't apply the same care basics to hair."

Lots of information on thinning hair and how to deal with it (they suggest sideswept bangs)>1=32007

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Auburn hair with side swept bangs (photo pic)

a girl
Originally uploaded by aloverstryst

Cute shoulder-length layered haircut for women. A little flip in the back, some angling and face framing on the sides.

Looks like a red foil to create the auburn highlights.

Hairstyles for women in their 20's and 30's.

Short hair a longer Pixie haircut (photo pic)

new haircut
Originally uploaded by raebrune

This reminds me a bit of the Amelie haircut, very cute pixiecut, but a little longer bangs and sides. Very cute, layered easy to style hair.

Great for women with an oval face and/or big eyes. This haircut brings out the eyes and the cheekbones. Lovely hairstyle.

Keywords: short cuts, boy style cuts for women, fresh haircuts, easy hair

Cool mod red bob haircut with bangs (photo)

haircut - Day 138
Originally uploaded by leila-anne

Very artistic and cute blunt bob haircut for a redhead.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

short haircut (photo pic) pixie cut

short hairs
Originally uploaded by akimba

This is a very stylish cut for women of all ages. It have that classic Jamie Lee Curtis feel about it and I love the sides and the short bangs.

Also, looks a little Audrey Hepburn with the baby bangs. Anyway, this styles looks great on most women, especially women with big eyes. Very artistic, professional, and classic. I also love this haircut on older women with gray grey hair. I think it's beautiful on women in their 50's, 60's and 70's. So stylish!

Keywords; super short haircuts, stylish cuts for artists, writers, creative people, cute pixiecuts.

Short hair with bangs (photo pic)

Short hair>?
Originally uploaded by Thailand or bust!

This haircut looks like the brunette version of the Katie Couric haircut hairstyle she had on 60 minutes. Very darling and would be a good cut for thin or thinner or thinning ahir. Love the flip in the back and the side bangs.

Keywords: short haircuts for thin hair, brunette hair, hairstyles.

Short Haircut (photo pic)

I cut my hair short today
Originally uploaded by Linda Gavin

Darline short haircut, black hair parted on the side with a clip.

Angled at the sides a bit.


Darling pixie cut, short hair (photo pic)

short hair
Originally uploaded by .valerie.

The model in the photo wrote on her Flickr blog about this cute style:

"I got this cut at the Space Salon in Soho back when they charged a lot less ( Required minimal upkeep - just regular haircuts and a bit of styling wax. I have since grown it out, but it was fun for a while!"

Very very cute pixie haircut!

Keywords: cute short haircut, short hairstyles.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Meg Ryan Shag Bob Short Haircut (photo pic)

Originally uploaded by lee bretschneider

Here's a cute photo of Meg Ryan's short hairstyle, very blond/blonde with dark roots, and shaggy layered sides.

I can't tell if this is from Top Gun or later.

Keywords: Meg Ryan Haircut, short hairdos, shags

Friday, March 14, 2008

Bob haircut with side bangs (photo pic)

Originally uploaded by ctalmas

See the photos above to see other hairstyles for women with an oval face. Heres' a beautiful bob that curls under and has side bangs. Good for straight thick hair.

Keywords: Classic professional haircuts, clean cuts, easy styles for women with thick hair

Short Haircut for curly hair (side view front profile view photo pic)

Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Very cute short hair for very curly hair. Good for women with oval faces.

Keywords: short hairstyles for women, short hairstyles for curly hair, curly hair bobs,

Back view of a classic bob (photo pic)

Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Brunette classic chin-length bob from the back. Very cute, slight subtle layers.

Keywords: bob haircuts, hairstyles for women

Classic bob from the front (photo)

Originally uploaded by ctalmas

See photos above to side shot and front shot of this cute bob.

Short hairstyles for women. Chin-length bob, straight thick hair, brunette, easy hairstyles for women

Straight short brunette bob (side profile photo pic)

Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Here's the same person with straight hair from the side. Very cute bob. Shorter in the back, longer in the front. See above photos to see her with super curly ringlet hair!

Keywords: Cute bobs for women, stylish bobs, professional haircuts. hairstyles for professional and career women,

Curly hairstyle (back view photo pic)

2.9.07 Haircut - Curly back
Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Here's the same hairstyle that is above from the back. Very curly bob which is very cute. Good short length.

More photos of this curly hairstyle above (front short, back view, etc.)
Keywords: hairstyles for very curly hair, hairstyles for ringlets, super curly haircuts, hairstyles for women

Hairstyle for Curly Hair - (front view photo)

2.9.07 Haircut - Curly front
Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Here's a great chin-length bob for curly hair. Short, but not too short so the curls are out of control or too big. Very cute.

More photos of this curly hairstyle below and above (back view, etc.)
Keywords: hairstyles for very curly hair, hairstyles for ringlets, super curly haircuts, hairstyles for women

Short Haircut for curly hair (side view profile view photo pic)

2.9.07 Haircut - Curly right side
Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Here's a great bob for curly hair. Short, but not too short so the curls are out of control or too big. Very cute.

More photos of this curly hairstyle below (front short, back view, etc.)
Keywords: hairstyles for very curly hair, hairstyles for ringlets, super curly haircuts, hairstyles for women

Very cute haircut for curly hair (photo pic)

I actually like my new haircut even better worn naturally curly
Originally uploaded by caramaralyn

Great haircut with side-swept bangs and curls.

the model writes: "Just washed it at night, slept on it, and softened up a few front tendrils (big, round brush and some heat)"

Looks great!

Keywords: Hairstyles for curly hair, easy hairstyles for curly hair, the best cuts for curly hair, haircuts for women

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lovely highlighted brunette hair (photo)

The Girl And The Happiness
Originally uploaded by Hadrien*

This has some chunky highlights, but is a good example of blond highlights on a brunette. Good face framing with the blond highlights.


Lovely highlighted brunette hair (photo)

The Girl And The Happiness
Originally uploaded by Hadrien*

This has some chunky highlights, but is a good example of blond highlights on a brunette. Good face framing with the blond highlights.


Very short layered white-blond hair (photo pic)

Portrait 22
Originally uploaded by mpx1979

Funky very blond-whitesh hair short and layered.

Darling Blonde Pixie haircut (photo pic)

rachel with blonde hair - _MG_9167
Originally uploaded by sean dreilinger

Great photo of a blonde pixiecut with baby bangs and cropped sides.

Keywords: blond short hairstyles, blonde short haircuts, cute short cuts, easy to wear and easy to style haircuts,

Long brunette hair with subtle red highlights

Young brunette woman
Originally uploaded by la_fenia

Long layered dark hair with auburn highlights

Beautiful redhead bride with tiara (photo pic)

Blushing Bride
Originally uploaded by Sparks68

Love the long curls and the natural tone of this red hair.

Beautiful Natural Looking Red Hair (photo pic)

Redhead on the street
Originally uploaded by Donncha @

This photo shows a lovely shade of red for someone who wants to be that "natural redhead." This is great color for women with pink skin (or Irish heritage) and blue eyes as it really brings out the blue.

Keywords: haircolor, red head, orange hair

Monday, March 10, 2008

Diane Sawyer Hairstyle (photo pic)

Originally uploaded by bladerunner009

Very cute photo of Diane Sawyer in Manchester for the NH Primary. Blond highlighted hair with layers and bangs.

Keywords: Diane Sawyer in glasses, haircuts for women in their 50's, haircuts for women in their 60's, cute haircuts for all ages, Diane Sawyer from Good Morning, America, haircut, hairstyle, hairdo

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Uma Thurman blonde choppy bob (photo picture)

Uma Thurman
Originally uploaded by robby_godlike

This pic of Uma Thurman is almost a shag bob, but I'd say it's more a blond choppy bob with bangs and definitely blond highlights from a color and/or foil.

Very casual and cute messy hairstyle that can be transformed with a little gel into something more sleek and sophisticated. Gorgeous golden honey lowlights in the bright blond hair. Also, simple natural makeup works well so she doesn't look to overly done up.

Keywords: Easy care hairstyles, bobs, longer bobs, mid-length bobs, semi-short hairstyles, hairdos, hairdo, layered bob, Oma Thurman, Uma Thurmen

Katie Holmes Bob with bangs Sleek Bob (link)

This is the best I've seen her look yet. Sleek, elegant. A Jackie O. perfect inspired bob.

Very stylish haircut. Brunette bob

Jennifer Aniston hairstyle on Another (photo pic)

Jennifer Aniston hair. ew
Originally uploaded by luckylettuce

Here's a Jennifer Aniston haircut in red auburn. Long bangs, long layered hair. This is what it would look like on someone with a little thinner hair than Jennifer's.

Cute, stylish haircut. Also, notice the red highlights.

Keywords: Jennifer Aniston 'do, hairdo, haircuts for women

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Julia Roberts Dark Auburn Long Wavy Hair (photo pic)

Julia Roberts-
Originally uploaded by Top Class

Here's Julia Roberts with a center-parted long wavy hairstyle in dark auburn. Layered hair. A great style for thick hair.

Keywords: Julia Robert's hairstyle, Julia Robert's haircut, long thick hair, good haircuts for heart-shaped faces, women's hair cuts

Renee Zellweger Sleek Blonde bob haircut (photo pic)

Renee Zellweger
Originally uploaded by PopCollector

Elegant yet super cute blond bob haircut tucked behind Renee Zellwegger's ears. Classic one-length bob, just above chin-length (cheekbone length?), stylish bob.

Keywords: celebrity haircuts, celebrity hairstyles, Classic bob haircuts, cute bob haircuts, chic sexy stylish bob haircuts

Renee Zellweger Short Haircut (side photo)

The Bee Movie Premiere
Originally uploaded by jenniferh2525

Stylish boyish cut on Renee Zellweger at The Bee Movie Premiere. Blond highlights and shaved nape. Layers on top with bangs.

Keywords: Boyish cuts, Stylish hairstyles, easy to care for hair, chunky blonde highlights,

Selma Blair Short Sexy Pixie Cut Haircut (photo pic)

Originally uploaded by lookbook

Super cute Selma Blair with short cropped hair pixie cut. Side bangs and short in the back.

Keywords: Selma Blare, sexy Pixie cuts, super short cuts, haircuts, cropped hairstyles, short hairstyles, short haircuts

Flapper - Chicago style bob (photo pic)

This is a softer blunt bob, chin-length, one length great style for thick straight hair.

Keywords; Bob haircut photos, pictures of hairstyles for women, bob hair cut, brunette

Blunt bob for thick hair (photo pic)

Flapper-styled bob (1920's style!) retro modern haircut. Great for thick hair and easy to style. Thick bangs and chin-length, one length hair.

keywords: bob hairstyles, 20's hair, haircuts for women

Best Haircut - Cute Bob Haircut (photo pic)

Classic easy to care for bob hairstyle. Side parted and long bangs. chin-length bob.

Keywords: bobs, bob, haircuts, hairstyles for women, chic trendy haircuts

Friday, March 7, 2008

Beyonce Hairstyle long flowing hair (photo pic)

Beyonce with gorgeous long layered locks. Sexy haircut for women.

keywords: curly to wavy hair, Beyonce Haircut, brunette hair

Lucy Lui with Feathered Charlie's Angels hair (photo)

Beautiful Lucy Lu with thick curled hair swept back 70's style and center part.

keywords: long thick Asian black hair, hairstyles for Asian women,


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