Monday, July 28, 2008

Angled defined bob haircut (photo)

haircut bob_s, originally uploaded by wip-hairport.

WIth bangs. A modern bob haircut on brunette hair.

almost above the ears, cheekbone bob.

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Katie Holmes' boy haircut (photo)

Honestly, she looks good in anything, but here is the same style in the photo below but without the curls.

Bangs, short hair, straight.

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Katie Holmes' New short haircut (photo)

Darling short new hairdo on Katie Holmes with curly bangs.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Haircut for Teens, College students and women in their 20's(photo)

Summer long brunette hair (photo)

we like new haircut lol, originally uploaded by Shockingly Tasty.

Gorgeous long hair for summer. Natural color with a tint of auburn.

Love this flippy long hairstyle

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Hot Fringe Long blonde hair (photo)

Hot Fringe 001, originally uploaded by Street Seen.

One more photo of this great haircut for fall 2008! (just a preview, folks, now back to summer hair!)

Long blond hair with straight bangs

Hot Fringe 002, originally uploaded by Street Seen.

Lovely! Modern! And stylish!

Long straight highlighted and foiled blonde hair with straight mod-sixties bangs.

A great look for fall.

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"The 2008 Haircut: Before & After"

Love the before & after shots!

Extreme long hair to stylish long hair. Beautiful brunette with auburn highlights and side part cuts her hair and she's even more gorgeous!

Love the final style. A great haircut for someone with a square jaw or face, the softness of her hair looks great with her fantastic cheekbones and jaw.

The model writes:

You can see my 2007 haircut here

, taken on July 6, 2007. Hey, I grow a lot of hair in 1 year! :)

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Cutest Summer Bob for 2008!

my new hair, originally uploaded by treeee.

I love this haircut!

I love the blonde highlights, and the subtle layers and angle. Just above chin-length, this is one of the cutest bobs I've seen this year. Very beach hair and love the clip.

This hairstyle looks great on any shape face--oval, round, long, heart-shaped.

An easy to wear, easy to style, summer hairstyle! TOO CUTE!

More summer hairstyles to come!

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The model writes:

flapperiffic! this be the fixed haircut version; not the one that i hacked up myself. my hairstylist works at my work now - how cool (ie. convenient) is that?!

New Haircut for Summer

Haircut 005, originally uploaded by adlohr.

These next posts will all focus on new haircuts for the summer of 2008!

This is a cute haircut for naturally curly (big ringlets!) hair.

A black to dark brunette with thick hair. This works on an oval face because of the bangs and the shorter layer near the cheekbone. This would also work on a long face because of these layers which bring the eyes up.

Mid-length cut just past the collarbone.

Very cute hairstyle, plus, look how great it looks on someone with glasses!


Watch below for more new summer hairstyles for the summer of 2008!

These are the current cuts and styles that real people are getting done this year.

Summer Hairstyles Bonanza! Summer Haircuts that LOOK GOOD!


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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where can I find photos of hairstyles and haircuts?


Here at Hair Obsessed we hope to have the best hairstyles around from celebrities to real people.

You can search the archives for the look you want and visit our homepage at:



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