Friday, July 25, 2008

New Haircut for Summer

Haircut 005, originally uploaded by adlohr.

These next posts will all focus on new haircuts for the summer of 2008!

This is a cute haircut for naturally curly (big ringlets!) hair.

A black to dark brunette with thick hair. This works on an oval face because of the bangs and the shorter layer near the cheekbone. This would also work on a long face because of these layers which bring the eyes up.

Mid-length cut just past the collarbone.

Very cute hairstyle, plus, look how great it looks on someone with glasses!


Watch below for more new summer hairstyles for the summer of 2008!

These are the current cuts and styles that real people are getting done this year.

Summer Hairstyles Bonanza! Summer Haircuts that LOOK GOOD!


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