Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence - Silver Linings Playbook 14

Silver Linings Playbook 14 by GabboT
Silver Linings Playbook 14, a photo by GabboT on Flickr.

Long straight haircut of Jennifer Lawrence

Via Flickr:
Jennifer Lawrence at the premiere of Silver Linings Playbook, Toronto Film Festival 2012

Khloe Kardashian Hairstyle (side view)

long brunette hair thick hair hairstyle side view.

Klhoe Kardashian haircut
Chloe Kardashan

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fortune Most Powerful Women 2012 Lena Dunham

Via Flickr:
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012


Lena Dunham, Filmmaker
Interviewer: Soledad O’Brien, Anchor, Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien and Special Correspondent, CNN

Photograph by Krista Kennell/ Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

Tilda Swinton super short hairstyles for women

Here's a haircut with a sidepart for women who want short 'dos. Not pixie, but super short and slicked back very blonde. she wears it well.

short hairstyles for women blond

Ann Curry shoulder length hair

shoulder length hairstyles for women

Amy Poehler Midlength hairstyle

An easy layered cute for women and moms. Layered with a side part.

Hairstyles for women, 40-year-olds, 40's, 30's, easy layered hairstyles, #haircuts

Chelsea Handler Long blonde hairstyle

Chelsea's basic long blond parted in the middle haircut, has a 1970's feel to it.

Long hairstyles for women fine hair
#hairstyles #women'shairstyles

2012 Shankbone 3

Julia Stiles With long hair (hairstyles for women)

after talking with David Letterman

A few years ago, but still a cute long hairstyle.

April Lee Hernandez as Officer Manzon on Dexter

Long hairstyle for women. Haircuts

Julia Stiles as Lumen Pierce on Dexter (short hairstyle)

Julia Styles with short hair

#short haircuts for women

Via Flickr:
Julia plays as Lumen Ann Pierce. Beaten and near death she witnessed Dexter right after he killed her captor, Boyd!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cute short hair wrapped in a bright patterned scarf

Turban Time by JPH - Juleskills
Turban Time, a photo by JPH - Juleskills on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I don't feel like it's a turban but it's a scarf wrapped around and tied on my head. It felt cute.

#hair accessories, scarves

Cutest short hair ever!

Hair HIstory by JPH - Juleskills
Hair HIstory, a photo by JPH - Juleskills on Flickr.

Love this layered cut and the color!

Everything is perfect- bangs, sides. A great cut for the new year!

Short haircuts for 2013 - short hair, cute short hair, chic, modern, fun hairstyles for women.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hairstyle Cute short haircut Looks like Lena Durham

Hairstyle #02 by Adrıen
Hairstyle #02, a photo by Adrıen on Flickr.

Super cute short cut for 2013.

Layered with bangs.

medium length hairstyles

Celebrity Medium Length hairstyles for women.

modern straight hairstyles for women

8 looks for women who want straight hairstyles. Some bob, some layered.

Via Flickr:
modern straight hairstyles for women 2011

Friday, January 11, 2013

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Long blonde highlights with bangs

This is similar to scene hair, but very cleaned up and more modern and chic. I Like this better!

Haircuts for teens, teenager hairstyles.
Via Flickr:
Long blonde hair with bangs and highlights.
Cut and color by The Colour Authority Salon - Portland, OR

Medium length brunette with highlights

Another beautiful cut for a teenage girl-- though could definitely work on women of all ages.

cute cuts for teens

hairstyles for teens, haircuts.

Portland salons.
Via Flickr:
Shoulder length brunette with highlights.
Cut and color by The Colour Authority Salon - Portland, OR

Short blonde hair with highlights and bangs

Wow, love the warm highlights and the precision cut here. Fantastic bob.

Northwest / Oregon hairstylists haircutters, salons,

Via Flickr:
Short cropped blonde
Cut and color by The Colour Authority Salon - Portland, OR

Cute short haircut for 2013!

New hair by emilybean
New hair, a photo by emilybean on Flickr.

bangs and a modern bob.

Cute short layered hairstyle with great blond highlights.

hair model by trixieskips
hair model, a photo by trixieskips on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
I get my hair done at Zen Salon in Oak Lawn. When I was getting my goldilocks trimmed last week, my stylist Yuen asked me to come in today to be a hair model. HELL YES! I got what she calls sunset foil highlights. The under part of my hair is two shades darker brown. The middle is light blonde and that brown alternating, and the top is all light blonde.

I love that place. And I love my hair! More pics to come, they say, including some of me looking like a robot.


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