Saturday, April 26, 2008

Haircut of the Week-- Cute brunette bob with bangs (photo)

New haircut & a boba
Originally uploaded by modernartifact

This bob is a little less trendy, more edgy artsy with its bangs and her thick darker eyebrows help make the look.

Very cute and very now.

keywords; haircuts for women, hairstyles for edgy women, bobs shorter in the back, longer in the front.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Darling layered curly haircut (photo) above the shoulders

haircut. spt
Originally uploaded by Heatherjeany

Here's an adorable hairstyle for those of you with curly ringlet type hair.

Short baby bangs, layered sides, stacked towards the chin with a barrette.

This haircut could be done with a diffuser on your hair dryer or just some scrunch spray (or special spray for curly hair) and dried naturally.

Keywords: curly hairstyles for women, curly brunette hair, haircuts for women

Monday, April 21, 2008

Super cute and super short brunette haircut (photo)

Great haircut for thick hair! Even so short, it's very feminine and very sexy. THis has the Audrey Hepburn bangs. Great haircut for women with big eyes, big lips, or strong cheekbones, as it makes everything stand out.

Love this.

Keywords; Cute short haircut for women, feminine haircuts that are short, hairstyles that are short and cute.

Super brunette auburn short bob with side bangs (photo)

This bob is tucked behind the ears, making it look a little shorter than it is. As you see in photos above and below, eventually, the haircut got shorter and shorter. Very cute in all lengths.

Keywords: short haircut with auburn color, red highlights

Same short dark brunette haircut but with long bangs (photo)

See posts (photos & pics) above and below this to see alternate ways to wear this adorable short haircut.

keywords: short hair for women, short styles for thick hair

Short hair with baby bangs and sideburns (photo)

Same model haircut as below and above but with shorter bangs. Very cute.

keywords: short styles for women, short hair on women, women with short hair, artist/writer hairstyles, alternatives to the bob haircut, sexy short hair for women

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Norah Jones New Short Hair 2008 (photo pic)

Speak Up! Benefit (St. Ann's Warehouse) 033
Originally uploaded by baonguyen

Great new hairstyle for Norah Jones. Here's a profile view, some front and side views of this same haircut below.

Keywords:: Nora Jones short hair, new short haircuts, layered bob, shag, short hairstyles for curly hair, dark or black hair short haircut

Side View of Norah Jones' shag bob short haircut (photo)

Speak Up! Benefit (St. Ann's Warehouse) 035
Originally uploaded by baonguyen

Great profile view of Nora Jones' new short hairstyle. Layered cut wtih bangs.

More Norah photos below.

Norah Jones new short hairstyle Profile View (photo)

Norah Jones and the Little Willies - The Living Room, NYC - March 31st, 2008 - Pic 6
Originally uploaded by Chris | the other Chris

More photos of Nora Jones' new short haircut below. A darling short cut on her. Very retro and very stylish.

more pics below.

Keywords: Norah Jones hairstyle, short hair, new haircuts for 2008, retro hairstyles for 2008, cute short haircuts.

Norah Jones short haircut (photo)

Norah Jones and the Little Willies - The Living Room, NYC - March 31st, 2008 - Pic 11
Originally uploaded by Chris | the other Chris

Nora Jones short hairstyle (more pics below)

short shag or layered hairstyle

Norah Jones side view of new short haircut (photo)

Norah Jones and the Little Willies - The Living Room, NYC - March 31st, 2008 - Pic 7
Originally uploaded by Chris | the other Chris

Side pic of Nora Jones short hair

more photos below.

Norah Jones New Short Haircut (photo)

Norah Jones and the Little Willies - The Living Room, NYC - March 31st, 2008 - Pic 14
Originally uploaded by Chris | the other Chris

Here are some pics of Nora Jones new short hairstyle. I love it, it has a retro feel, sort of pin curlish, short layered do. I wouldn't describe it as a bob, almost a pixie cut.

See above for some side views of her short 'do.

3/31 - Norah Jones and the Little Willies played a secret show at the Living Room in New York City to commemorate the club's 10-year anniversary.

Norah Jones and the Little Willies - The Living Room, NYC - March 31st, 2008 -

Keywords: pixiecuts, pixie cut, Norah Jones, nora jones, new short haircuts for 2008, short hair, hairstyles

Bob Haircut (front view photo)

New haircut
Originally uploaded by crantock

Side views and back views of this bob haircut are below in other posts.

A perfect bob!

Front and back bob haircut (photo)

18th April 2008
Originally uploaded by crantock

2008 - the first pic got cut off. Here it is again

Gorgeous bob haircut (photo front and back!)

18th April 2008, originally uploaded by crantock.

Here's a great photo of a classic bob haircut on brunette, slightly highlighted hair. One length, shorter in the back, longer in the front (slightly angled).

A great haircut hairstyle for thick hair.

Keywords: bob haircut, front and back photos of bob haircut, pics of bob haircuts, bob hairstyles photos, pics of front and back bob hairstyle, brunette thick hair bob haircut

Drew Barrymore cute blond bob haircut hairstyle (photo)

Drew Barrymore is the most beautiful actress of Hollywood
Originally uploaded by drew barrymore

Here's a great bob for women with longer faces or oval faces. A great somewhat layered bob with long bangs swept across the face.

A great blond color (style and color reminds me of Marilyn Monroe), this was done by a foil with different shades of blond (dark blonde, light blond).

A very cute stylish bob for summer.

Keywords: Drew Barrymore bob, bob haircuts, cute bob haircuts, cutest bob haircut, bob hairstyles, photos of bobs, Drew Barrymore's hairstyle

Drew_Barrymore Shag short layered bob hairstyle (photo)

Originally uploaded by a_lovely_girl_missing

This is a great cut for women with long or oval faces. Highlighted/foiled blond blonde hair with layers aroudn the face and in the back so it flips up. Waves and some curls throughout. An easy summer hairstyle.

Keywords: Drew Barrymore blonde shag layered bob haircut, Drew Barrymore hairstyles, short hairstyles, haircuts for women with long or oval faces

drew-barrymore long straight hair hairstyle (photo)

Originally uploaded by drew barrymore

This is gorgeous sleek straight hair on Drew Barrymore. Love the shiny rich brunette dark blond color.

A good hairstyle for women with round faces.

Keywords: Long straight hair, sleek hair, Drew Barrymore's haircut long and straight,

Drew Barrymore's blond blonde bob (photo)

Drew Barrymore is the most beautiful actress of Hollywood
Originally uploaded by drew barrymore

Because of Drew's longer face and chin, I think she looks best in shorter hair. Here she is in a platinium blonde blond bob. Parted in the center.

Keywords: blond bobs, short classic bobs, bob haircuts

Drew Barrymore long blonde hair (highlighted) center part and wavy (photo)

Drew Barrymore is the most beautiful actress of Hollywood
Originally uploaded by drew barrymore

If you're looking for a great summer hairstyle, here's a classic summer hairdo (memories of Farrah Fawcett) but updated. Long blonde blonde highlihed hair with waves (as if you've been at the beach all day and swimming).

Parted in the center, some very long layers which will help oval or long faces not look so long. Scrunch with scrunchy spray (I like Aussie scrunch in the purple bottle) and let dry naturally . Or if your hair is straight, dry and waves with the curling iron.

Ask your hairstylist for a foil with light golden highlights, but makes sure to keep some lowlights in (your natural color is best) or you will most likely look too washed out.

Keywords:: Drew Barrymore's hairstyle, beach cuts, styles for long hair, blonde blond hair, natural looking summer highlights.

Side view DREW BARRYMORE updo with sash / scarf (photo)

Originally uploaded by Caroline Bonarde Ucci


Great profile portrait of Drew Barrymore with her hair up in a sash.
if you have a sash, this is an easy updo, just knot longer hair in the back and wrap with a sash or a scarf. You can also let a little of the sash hang down your back.

Keywords: Drew Barrymore updo hairstyles, Drew Barrymore side view profile pic

Brunette Drew Barrymore updo (photo)

Drew Barrymore
Originally uploaded by blaneyphoto.

Drew Barrymore at the premiere of Lucky You (2007 Tribeca Film Festival).

Drew's hair is a darker strawberry blonde/brunette and up. Love her chartreuse green dress!

keywords; Drew Barrymore updo, formal hairstyles

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blond highlights, long bob (photo)

365 Reject
Originally uploaded by jgcf

I like this photo because she represents the normal size of American women and looks great! Lovely highlighted blond hair, cut in a flattering style. Notice the long bangs and the small flip at the end.

Great hairstyle for plus size women and great haircolor too.

If you're feeling down about yourself, get some blond blonde highlights (just ask your hairstylist for a foil) along with a good haircut and you will feel so much better and look as beautiful as this woman here.

Keywords: hairstyles for plus-sized women, hairstyles for round faces, heavier women hairstyles, blond hair, haircuts for women

Bob Haircuts (photos of front, back, side, profile views)

Haircut. Version 2.0
Originally uploaded by lalagirl

Here's the front, back, profile, and side view of a classic bob haircut.

Check out all of this blog for more bob hairstyles. We have photos of many bob haircuts of Uma Thurman, Katie Holmes, Victoria Posh Spice Beckham.

As well as just regular folks who have great hair.

So if you're looking for a perfect bob haircut, browse on. There are lots of photos here of many different bob hairstyles from angled, to shaved nape, to thick hair, to wavy, and many with blonde blond highlights.

Happy searching for your perfect hairstyle.

Keywords: Haircut, hairstyles, bob hairstyles for oval faces, bob haircuts, photos of bob hairstyles, photos of bob haircuts, bobs for women, blond bob, highlighted blonde bob.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Charlize theron short layered blond hair (photo pic)

Charlize theron
Originally uploaded by jens021

Charlise Theron with short blonde hair, very cute layered cut, short on the nape of the neck, blond highlights.

Keywords; Charlize Theren hairstyle, Charlize Theran haircut, short hair for women, stylish blond short haircuts

Charlize theron Pixiecut (photo)

Charlize theron
Originally uploaded by jens021

super short pixie cut on Charlize Theron. Very cute and very blonde layered pixiecut with baby bangs.

Keywords; Charlize Theron short hair, Charlize Theron pixie cut, Charlize Theron short hairstyle, blond hair for women, short sexy hair for women

Best Natural Blonde Haircolor (photo)

rubia con movil
Originally uploaded by shankaramusic

Here's a great photo if you're looking for blond highlights this summer.

Very pretty California blond hair, looks very natural with the different shades of blonde throughout.

Pulled back in a ponytail.

The key to this look is to get a foil with different shades of blonde throughout.

Keywords: blond haircolor, hair color for blonds, natural blonde hair color., how to look like a natural blonde

Charlize Theron blonde layered bob (photo)

Charlize Theron
Originally uploaded by sislivadi

Here's a photo of Charlize Theron with a flip bob and long wispy bangs that hang in front of her eyes.

Flipped up on the sides and the back. Very foiled and highlighted.

Keywords: Charlize Theron foil, hairstyle, blonde highlights.

Charlize Theron short layered shag blond hairstyle (photo)

Charlize Theron
Originally uploaded by sislivadi

Photo of Charlize Theron with highlighted foiled blonde shag with razored edges in the back and choppy layers up front with longer bangs.

Keywords: Layered above the shoulders crop cut Charlize Theron hairstyles, haircut

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Katherine Heigl (photo)

Katherine Heigl Promo
Originally uploaded by Tortuguita_88

Katherine Heigl with long hair pulled back and long on the sides with waves. Very blond, golden blond and wavy

Keywords: Katherine Heigl, Catherine Higl hairstyle, Katherine Hiegl haircut

Friday, April 11, 2008

Nicolette Sheridan hairstyle (photo)

Originally uploaded by current events

Here's the long hairstyle of Nicolette Sheridan with very long layers and blond blonde hair.

Keywords-- Desperate Housewives, Nicolette Sheridan hairstyle side view, long bangs,

Desperate Housewives - Brenda Strong hairstyle

Desperate Housewives - Brenda Strong
Originally uploaded by wadeboy

Beautiful brunette side part hair with layers, short to medium length.

Great cut for women in their 40's or 50's. Rich brown brunette haircolor.

Keywords: brunette hair color, hairstyles for women in their 40's and 50's.

Felicity Huffman blonde wavy medium length hair (photo)

Felicity Huffman - NY Book Signing 1/27/07
Originally uploaded by jlw004

Here's Felicity Huffman at a book signing with side parted long layered hair, just past the shoulders. Very blond blonde highlighted hair.

Keywords: Desperate Housewives hairstyles, long blond hair Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman blonde wavy medium length hair (photo)

Felicity Huffman - NY Book Signing 1/27/07
Originally uploaded by jlw004

Here's Felicity Huffman at a book signing with side parted long layered hair, just past the shoulders. Very blond blonde highlighted hair.

Keywords: Desperate Housewives hairstyles, long blond hair Felicity Huffman

Teri Hatcher with long wavy hair (photo)

Teri Hatcher
Originally uploaded by rickilevy69

Here's a long hairstyle for women in their 40's. It can be worn straight or curly hair. Long brunette hair.

Keywords: Terry hatcher haircut, Teri Hatcher hairstyle, great long hair, long hair for women in their forties, good haircuts for long thick hair.

eva longoria long hairstyle (photo)

with eva longoria
Originally uploaded by donnarey

Here's the natural Eva Longoria with a fan. Her hair is long brunette with long layers.

Very pretty long hair with side bangs,

Keywords: Eva Longaria haircut, Desperate housewives hairstyle

Kristen Bell long hairstyle (photo)

Photo fo Kirsten Bell with long wavy styled hair. Long bangs and side part.

You can also wear this same style with a more beachy summer look by not styling it as much and wearing it messy with waves.

Great long side bangs.

keywords: kristen bell

Kristen Bell highlights and haircut (photo)

Kristen Bell
Originally uploaded by Model Volume

Kristen Bell's hairstyle.

Here's a photo of Kristen Bell with ash blond highlights (foil) and long bangs and straight hair.

Keywords: ash blonde highlights, Kristen Bell hair style, long hair

Ashley Judd wavy bob (side photo)

Originally uploaded by nicolegail

Here's a side view of Ashley Jud with an above the shoulder wavy bob. A light brown almost auburn strawberry blonde color.

Keywords: Ashley Judd haircut, Ashley Judd hairstyle, wavy bobs for women with thick hair.

Uma Thurman blond choppy bob with bangs (photo)

Uma Thurman
Originally uploaded by robby_godlike

Very cute layered bob with choppy wispy layers. Though she is from New York, this could easily be the California beach hair look with long layers and just got out of bed look.

Keywords: Blondish bobs, blonde bobs, blond bobs, Uma Thurman's hairstyle, Uma Thurman haircut, bob haircuts, very blond highlights.

Uma Thurman's blond hair (side view pulled back)

Charlies Angel
Originally uploaded by ichimusai

Here's a sideview photo of Uma Thurman in Sweden with long hair pulled back in a clip.

If you're looking for natural Uma Thurman hair color blonde blond, here it is.

Keywords: Blonde haircolor, blond highlights, blond foil, light hair, natural blond coloring

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Darling short haircut for thick black straight hair (photo)

sarah jean - new haircut
Originally uploaded by retrocharm

Thick bangs that angle down over the ear on modern bob haircut. Remember the Dorothy Hamill haircut? This is the 2008 version with 1920's flapper style to it. Very cute haircut for women with a bit of edge and style. Great for artists, writers, musicians, on anyone who is on the creative side.

Works best on straight thick hair. Black, brunette, blonde blond or redheads would be fine too. Good hairstyle for women with oval faces.

Keywords: shortcuts, short haircuts, stylish thick hair styles. Block bangs, straight bangs. hairstyles for women, haircuts, hair

Gorgeous modern bob with bangs in auburn red hair (photo)

Self-portrait with Wall and Boredom.
Originally uploaded by ٭betenoir٭

thsi photo shows the subtle layers around the face. Classic bob with straight bangs (a little choppy) - another good haircut for thick straight hair.

Adorable brunette short pixie haircut (photo of front and back)

New Haircut
Originally uploaded by sadied1000

Clever picture taking allows us to see the back of this cute cropped haircut in the mirrow. Very short and layered on the nape of the neck, side bangs (very short) and very very subtle light brown highlights in this brunette darker brown hair.

A great cut for straight hair, wash and wear, easy to care for hair, haircuts for the girl on the go, professional hairstyles, working women hairstyles, very short haircuts, pixie haircuts, pixiecuts, pixycut, pixy haircut, short hair for women

Long Hairstyle with a few chunky blond highlights

new haircut
Originally uploaded by heronp

Straight long brunette hair with wispy bangs, choppy layers on the sides which blend in to the longer hair.

A good haircut for women with straight thick hair.

Keywords: Hairstyles for women with straight thick hair, bangs, hair, haircuts for women

Artistic short curly hair (photo)

day 101: new hair!
Originally uploaded by moirabot

Here's a haircut for the woman artist with curls. Short on one side, longer on the other. Wash and wear artsy cut.

Hairstyles for women artists and writers, avante-garde haircuts for women

Auburn Long bangs and layered hair (photo haircut)

well, hello there!
Originally uploaded by Sandy Ran

Very cute auburn haircut with bangs swooping over the eyes, side part. A very cute haircut for thick hair. And a great color.

I think this haircut is both adorable and sexy, and not many haircuts can do such things. You can wear it to work then out at night. Fantastic rich auburn red color.

Keywords; Stylish professional hairstyles for women, cute haircuts, sexy and stylish haircuts, attractive layered hair, layered haircuts, layered hairstyles, auburn haircolor, red hair, red thick hair, hairstyles for women with thick hair,

Long blonde blond bangs (photo pic)

New haircut
Originally uploaded by lindsay_huffman

Straight blond hair (blonde highlights) with long side bangs.

Keywords: thin blond hair, straight hair, bangs

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Beautiful Long brunette hairstyle (photo pic)

new hair
Originally uploaded by Jannygirl

Gorgeous brunette haircut layered with waves, soft bangs.

Keywords: long hairstyles, long hair for women, long hair styles, long brunette haircuts

Back view of choppy layered bob haircut (photo)

new haircut
Originally uploaded by Habsag

Here's a brunette bob with slightly chunky blond blonde highlights.

a little flip at the end and above the shoulders

keywords: back photograph view of haircut, hairstyle, women's hairstyles

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Long hair with cute straight bangs (photo) above the eyebrow

Grit Z.
Originally uploaded by brechtbert

Classic straight bangs above the eyebrow with long brunette hair.

Hairstyles for women, long haircuts, one length with bangs.

Short Pixiecut red hair (photo)

Originally uploaded by brechtbert

Redhead Pixie haircut very cute, with baby bangs, curved bangs and framed in an arc around the face, very layered.

A great cut for thick red or auburn hair. Love her Irish coloring, also a great haircut for women with oval faces. Easy to care for and easy to style.

keywords: short short sassy haircuts, supershort hairstyles, hairstyles for women, above the ears haircuts. short hair styles

Very cute short pixie cut with gelled bangs (photo)

Jule R
Originally uploaded by brechtbert

Dark brunette, black , dark brown thick hair, blue eyes, cute short layered pixiecut

Keywords: Pixiehaircut, pixiecuts, pixy cuts, pixycut, very cute short short hair fro women, chic, stylish hairstyles for women who love short hair.

There's a ton of other short haircuts and short hairstyle photos in the blog so feel free to search for more.

Supershort Pixie haircut (photo)

andrea osvart
Originally uploaded by brechtbert

Blondish, super short pixiecut, very cute and very Annie Lennox.

Layered and shaved a bit in back.

Keywords-- boy cuts, shortest hair, short hair cuts for women of all ages, women in their 50's and 60's (this cut looks great with grey, gray, or salt and pepper hair)


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