Friday, March 14, 2008

Short Haircut for curly hair (side view front profile view photo pic)

Originally uploaded by ctalmas

Very cute short hair for very curly hair. Good for women with oval faces.

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Sandy said...

Now, isn't curly hair a dominant gene? I have curly hair ... am looking for new style options and why is it that so few magazines etc feature this hair type? We WISH we had straight hair. We WISH we had calm slightly wavey hair ... but we don't. Show MORE styles with CURL. SMALL CURLS. Curls you don't have to style for 1 hour (being a mother and all). Curls you don't have to achieve with hot rollers. Anything??? Thanks for the one post though. :)

Indigo Reiki said...

Awww, the picture is missing. Can you re-post this pic, please? I have curly hair that is cut in an angled bob and I'm really want a different look.

Natalie said...

ya the picture is gone. i have a pixie cut already and im looking for a better one for my hair, and its wavy/curly. i would LOVE to see the picture. thanks :)


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