Friday, March 28, 2008

Suggestions for Older Woman to have "Younger Looking Hair"

Here's a link from MSN on an article about women in their thirties, forties, fifties, and sixties taking care of their hair--

Does Your Hair Make You Look Old?
Don't let your tresses age you. Try these easy, take-the-years-off tricks, tips and products.

Here's a bit from it:

"A woman in her 40s doesn't have the hair she had at 20 — it's not just her imagination," says British hair expert Philip Kingsley, author of The Hair Bible. As we age, our locks and scalp are affected by a trio of tribulations — namely dryness, dullness, and thinning. But our accumulating birthdays are not all to blame; dyeing, blow-drying, and styling all contribute to the damage.

"Women need to think about their hair the same way they think about their skin," says Gretchen Monahan, a Boston hairstylist and style expert for the Rachael Ray Show. "We're used to moisturizing and protecting our faces, but we don't apply the same care basics to hair."

Lots of information on thinning hair and how to deal with it (they suggest sideswept bangs)>1=32007


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