Monday, July 20, 2009

HAIRSTYLE TIME WARP: The Wig! circa 1977

Poofy Hair-do!, originally uploaded by clarkfred33.

I've decided to do a weekly Monday HAIRSTYLE TIME WARP every Monday so we can remember what has worked in the past and what we may want to keep there...

Today's photo is The Woman's Hairpiece!

I was told this photo was taken in 1977, but it has a 1960's influence. But I remember my own mother wearing these hairpieces during the 70's. She would bobbypin it on her her real hair every morning! I even remember the styroform head she kept it on.

Keywords: Hairpiece, 1970's hairstyles, 1970 hair pieces, 1970's wig accessories, Women hairstyles in the 70's, 70s hair (for moms!) ;-)


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