Saturday, March 7, 2009

Katie Holmes Before & After (photos)

katie-holmes, originally uploaded by chunsamira.

Here's Katie Holmes with long hair in a white modest suit, then the more sophisticated Katie with the chin length darling flip bob, side part with wispy bangs, in a strapless silvery dress.

While I think she is very cute with long hair, it shows how you can achieve a sophisticated sexy with short hair on women. Of course, she does look older with the short hair, so that's something to consider.

Ifyou're in your forties and fifties, short hair would look great on you if you do with style and find a chic cut like this one!

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ZZ said...

I do think the bob is pretty cute, but I have to admit that the longer hair is more elegant in my opinion. And she looks great in a suit.

Anonymous said...

Be all end all, it's about looking attractive to the opposite sex. As a representative of the men in this world, the long hair is better. Of course I'm not Tom Cruise and he might like short


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