Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pretty red orange auburn highlights on short haircut

Dara's New Highlights by daralibrarian
Dara's New Highlights, a photo by daralibrarian on Flickr.

Cute angled cut and funky red / orange highlights.

Red and blue highlights in brown brunette hair...

Super cute short hair too.

Via Flickr:
copyright © 2008 sean dreilinger
view rachel and louise on the way to the herbaliser, sporting complementary red and blue highlights in their hair - _MG_3355 on a black background.

super chunky blonde highlights in brown hair

highlights by jcestnik
highlights, a photo by jcestnik on Flickr.

for the brunette who wants a non-natural chunky blond highlight in her brown hair. Very dramatic, does not look natural, but that is the look. It's a little more rockstar.

Different shades of blond blonde Highlights

Highlights by andreasnilsson1976
Highlights, a photo by andreasnilsson1976 on Flickr.

Shades of blond highlights to show your stylist.

This is for someone who really wants blonde sun-kissed hair for summer.

Very natural looking, lighter streaks of blonde, some ash and golden blond too!

thicker auburn Highlights for brown hair

Highlights by Nikita Kashner
Highlights, a photo by Nikita Kashner on Flickr.

If you have brunette hair, here's a good shade of highlight for you so it looks move natural and not too blond.

Via Flickr:
I put in some blonde highlights yesterday.

Update: This photo is linked to from a Yahoo Answers question.

Soft brown golden highlights for brunette hair

If you want something subtle for your brown hair, your stylist can do these golden highlights in your hair and they won't show too much when they grow out.

Via Flickr:
these are what my highlights look like, after adding toner to tone down the red. had to use the camera to see how it turned out.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Longer angled bangs on long hair

100_1730.JPG by taulu
100_1730.JPG, a photo by taulu on Flickr.

Great cut for women with long (longer) faces who want a little more framing to highlight cheekbones. A very flattering style!

Love the angle of the bangs on the face, not side-swept, but more angled down then into long hair.

long hairstyle with bangs

Curly short red hair (so cute!)

headshot outake - Tara style by katypang
headshot outake - Tara style, a photo by katypang on Flickr.

love the center part and a great style for redheads. Esp curlyhaired ginger folks!

A very good length, just above the shoulders. CUte!

haircuts hairstyles for curly very curly hair. women

Katy Perry style hair.

Love the blue / purple highlights in this dark (maybe black?) hair.

She reminds me a lot of Katy Perry, but this is a very wearable hairstyle for many different face types.

Long with bangs, some wave bc of layers.

Great haircut! A good style if you're looking for a longer hairstyle for summer. And cute golden retriever too!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Layered cropped short hair bob style

Sassy hair Missa J by nonnygoats
Sassy hair Missa J, a photo by nonnygoats on Flickr.

Okay, I know this is a great haircut when the person wearing it has red eyes and yet, it still looks cute.

Very sassy and stylish. This look looks great on blondes, though other haircolors can wear it.

Anyway, cute short hairstyle for spring or summer.

Super Cute short hair with bangs.

Now with new hair! by Maigh
Now with new hair!, a photo by Maigh on Flickr.

another great short haircut.

short hairstyles for women.

Via Flickr:

Beautiful Short hair auburn highlights

Such a great short hairstyle for spring! This is on my list. And I like that it has bangs, but not really.

Via Flickr:
Oh hai!

I cut my hair hehehe.

And guess what? I freaking love it!!! It hasn't been this short since I was in high school, so it was a welcome change. I had forgotten how awesomely sassy short hair makes me feel, not to mention I don't have to do *anything* to it.

That's all for now, Flickr. Catch you later, taters!

Red Highlights on black hair

My Sassy Girl by Siopao Master
My Sassy Girl, a photo by Siopao Master on Flickr.

beautiful auburn stylings. Straight long hair colored

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Before & After Curly hair cut & color

Before & After by dacotahsgirl
Before & After, a photo by dacotahsgirl on Flickr.

She's beautiful in both photos but I love the red auburn color on her!

Ideas for girls with curls!

Via Flickr:
Before and after my haircut & color. =)

Ignoring the cigarette, cute hairstyle!

Dark haired straight hair style, modern bob with bangs.

Keywords: women's hairstyles, 20's hairstyles, trendy stylish haircuts for women, college age girls.

cute brunette short hair

short! by Melissa Gray
short!, a photo by Melissa Gray on Flickr.

love this layered look, --beautiful!

Via Flickr:
Trying to work this short hair. A few weeks in and I've remembered why I let my hair grow out so long the last time I got a very short hair cut - its bloody impossible to do anything with quickly and generally makes my face look fat. :/


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