Wednesday, May 14, 2008

red highlights for Asian hair (photo)

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These pretty red highlights were done with a foil technique. Ask your stylist for a foil with red highlights. They are more blended than chunky, if you want chunky highlights your stylist just uses larger pieces / chunks of hair.

These highlights frame her face and will probably need upkeep every 8 weeks. If you don't mind roots or growing out, you can probably go to 12 weeks. They are a little more blended and darker, so she can probably wear them longer.

Rule on highlights-- light blonde highlights on a brunette need upkeep every 4-6 weeks, if you get darker blond highlights on brunette hair, you can go 6-8 weeks, even more subtle highlights can go 8-12 weeks. The more dramatic the highlight (and the lighter the shade from your regular hair color) the more maintenance you'll need. Being a highlighted blond can be expensive.

There are many more photos of all color highlights on this blog so feel free to search for them or browse the archives.

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