Friday, September 5, 2008

Cute Hair! - Short Red hair for Fall (photo)

This cute easy to manage and maintain cut is great for women with thinner hair. Also, for women with the long face as the bangs help make the face more round, as do the short sides.

Basically, a layered cut with razored edges to create a modern feel and not something that looks like a helmet (a worry for those of us with short hair, esp when it's thick).

The color is a gorgeous Irish Red. A great haircut and haircolor for women with lighter skin or those of us who are Irish, but also someone with pink undertones in their skin, this color works well. Pale skin, blue eyes, and red hair goes great together.

This could be a great new look for fall 2008

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Brandon said...

Hey, that's my girlfriend! Thanks for the site traffic. I agree, nice cut.

Anonymous said...

Love her hair!


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