Friday, January 16, 2009

Cute blond haircut --longer bob-- with bangs (photo)

DEC 20TH, originally uploaded by Skyla.Jayne.

This is a great haircut for women and girls with oval (or long) faces. The bangs really help, also if you have a larger forehead, this is a good cut.

It's cute how the bangs are side bangs and the bottom of the cut comes in around the chin and neck area.

Very easy to care for and style.

Nice haircut!

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D said...

I love this one and took it to my stylist but I can't seem to get the lingo down. Even with the photo I think we are miscommunicating. So frustrating.

skyla said...

this is me!
hahah..i find it kind of odd to be blogged about?

but yes, i have a long forehead.
and it covers it and looks well :)

too short for me personally, though.

Kelly said...

Hi Skyla,
You have the cutest haircut and I definitely like the length! Oh and I meant in general about women who have large/long foreheads (not you personally!) but it's interesting to learn that you do!

It's a great style on you, you're absolutely beautiful! (hope that doesn't embarrass you too much, but I only choose haircuts that I love and yours is tops!)

And D-- glad I was able to help! Photos with stylists are always a good thing!!

Isabella Poulous said...

I love this! i just don't know how to get my bangs like that? what did you tell ur stylist.

Kelly said...


First, bring in the photo. That's very important. Also, if you look, there's an angle to the bangs to they are shorter in the middle forehead then get longer to the side.

They are side-swept bangs, but definitely use the photo for your words, you will get better results!!


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