Sunday, February 1, 2009

Darling short haircut for Spring 2009 (photo)

154/365, originally uploaded by megankills.

This is a side view of the most gorgeous cut and blonde hair color. Wow! I love this look with the layers that aren't too choppy at all. Very retro and very chic.

I had to laugh at what she wrote though--

My hair only looks like this for about a week and I can never keep this length/cut. After said week it looks like I am James Spader trying to grow my hair out for a bad movie

*****So, it sounds as if it needs a lot of maintenance (most short hair does, getting cut every 4-5 weeks!) But geez, I think this is one of the best short hairstyles I've seen so far in 2009. And her blonde color is absolutely perfect. This goes down as one of my favorite hairstyles for 2009.

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