Sunday, August 19, 2007

Best Hair for the Oval Face Shape - Emma Roberts

This is going to take some imagination, but Emma Roberts has the perfect haircut for oval or long faces. The hairstyle she has here is great for younger folks, even women in their 40's and 50's can get away with longer hair, but if you need a more professional style haircut, start with this and basic style of side parted bangs and shorten the length.
Those of use with longer faces, know the issue-- long hair on a long face leads to the look of sadness. Think back to Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl. He always looked so sad in that movie--though mostly due to the eyebrows in the question position--but nothing a good haircut couldn't cure.
If you have a long face, the goal is not to make it look longer, but to make it rounder and you can do that with bangs, or a shorter length, or some body on the sides (see the Keira Knightley photo above).
For a shorter style to this Emma Roberts look, I'd say keep the bangs and the basic cut, but do an angled cut (shorter in the back, longer in the front) to keep it a little more professional. If you're unemployed or just look good in long hair, this style is for you. Still, I'd say anyone over 35 should bring it up in length 2 inches as if you look, those last 2 inches of her hair aren't doing much for the overall style and really, we don't need anything extra to take time away from our days, do we?
Give us the simple styles and let us return to our lives as usual.

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