Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sexy Bob is not an Oxymoron

Keira Knightley as the new Chanel woman sports the classic bob with sex appeal. Proof, that the bob hairstyle is back and not just for the preppy folks on the tennis court. A slightly layered bob with side-swipe bangs with loads of curl. A haircut that passes "the finger test," even without Keira's gorgeous look, the hairstyle works on its own.

Also, just a note that Keira has said that her breasts in this photo aren't hers.

“Those things certainly weren’t mine. We had an interesting discussion when they said: ‘We want to make them slightly larger and you’ll get approval’ and I was like: ‘OK, fine. I honestly don’t give a sh*t’.”

“I don’t have any t*ts, so I can’t show cleavage.”

We here at Hair Obsessed appreciate her honesty and her flair for the English language and its slangy terms.

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