Friday, December 28, 2007

Julia Roberts - Hairstyles for Women in their 30's & 40's

Julia Roberts turned 40 this year, but these are all hairstyles that would look great on women in their thirties or forties.

Long bangs set to the side with a very dark brunette color. A professional layered look.

Hollywood glamour with Farrah Fawcett hair parted in the middle, but still, it works well. I tend to like Julia with darker or red hair than blond, I thought overall that this worked.

The "Un-do" What's interesting is this hairstyle is commonly seen on Kate Hudson, Meg Ryan, or Jennifer Aniston, but on Julia it looks more....just woke up. I think because her coloring is not very California girl, or maybe it's the glasses. I'm not sure, but it's a casual do and would be good for a young woman with lighter eyes. This hairstyle in a darker color or an auburn, would be perfect on her.

Red haired Julia. I think Julia looks best as a redhead. Her skin just looks so much healthier. A reminder for those of us who like to go too blond, the warmer tones can fix pale skin to a healthy glow. Middle part and curls, auburn locks. Lovely.

Strawberry blonde Julia Roberts. Great haircut with side-swept bangs, long and slightly layered. Again, the only thing that would make this haircut look even better on her is if it were a bit darker. Still, a great look for any thirty year old or any forty year old.

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