Friday, February 29, 2008

Lip length Bob Very short bob (Photo profile)

Great super short bob for thick hair. Comes to the cheekbones, shaved in the back.

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Lulu said...

This is gorgeous. Have you any other photos of bobs? I want to bob my hair, but I'm not sure about what length I want.

Kelly said...

there are a ton of bob photos on this site, so feel free to search through here.

I'll also put some new ones up this week.

The good thing about bobs is that the length grows out very quickly so if you go too short, it will look better in 6 weeks. I know this from personal experience. My last bob was a little too short for me and now it's better.

One more thing, if you have an oval or long face, you can wear bobs shorter and they look good on you because they make your face not seem long.

Anonymous said...

My Word! That is absolutely STUNNING!!! I want my girlfriend to cut hers like this!


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