Friday, February 22, 2008

Short choppy shag haircut (photo)

straight black hair with wispy bangs, shorter in back, longer in front


Penny Plastic said...

Thanx for the mention.
Shaggy and choppy wins the race.
This style was cut and colored by me.
Penny Plastic

Kelly said...

You are fantastic! This is the coolest cut. Thanks for letting us know it was you and leaving a note!

darksage said...

but does this hairstyle also works on round face schape????

Kelly said...

Yes, this would work.

The key is to add volume at the top of the head. You can do this by layers (as this photo has) or heightened bangs.

This will help elongate the face.

Using an off-centered part with a short style helps break up a rounded look, and shags are great for this and shorter hair.

hope that helps!


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