Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gorgeous Angled bob for Fall 2008

Ann's new haircut, originally uploaded by aacrothers.

I love blond angled bob because of the short bangs. The bangs are of different lengths which gives this classic style a modern feel. THis is a great style for a long or oval face or for women with a larger chin (remember how cute Drew Barrymore looked in a bob?!) There's a reason this hairstyle works on most women, it's neat and clean and stylish as well as sexy.

This is a very Ellen Barkin cut. Love the layers, and this woudl work on thin or thick hair. You can texturize it if your hair is too thick.

Best Haircut for FALL! And so easy to maintain and style each day. YOu'll have so much time on your hands and be stylish as well!

Great Hair: Elegant Styles for Every Occasion

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thats wierd. The girl in thepic looks just like me.

nklunder said...

Yeah, I know her too....


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