Sunday, August 31, 2008

Super Short Fall Haircut for women (photo)

New hair, new photo, originally uploaded by izzie_whizzie.

Here's a very cute long bangs with sides of head shaved to create a hip and modern female hairstyle.

I love the blonde color with her eyes and skin color and the very short sides. Of course, as easy as thsi is to maintain, it needs a lot fo upkeep-- blonde dye, many trims, esp as the shaved area grows out.

But it's a darliing cut!

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Anonymous said...

This style is very cute on certain women. It is by no means shaved on the sides. You need to be careful in describing this style to your stylist. Tell them it is clippercut on the sides and in the back with a number 2 or 3 guard depending on how short you want to go. If you tell them shaved, that means no hair at all on the sides and some clippers do go to ooooo which is basically bald (without the shaving cream) Just a warning to those who will ask for this style.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, this is a great cut! I've done this asymmetrical look before (long black bangs, blue sides) and currently a blond mohawk. I have to say the short bits grow fast! For upkeep go to your hairdresser and ask for a "bang trim" and they'll clean up your sides easily. Also, like the above commenter said, never shave your sides unless you reeeaalllyyy want your hair that short. Cutting it short gives control for when it grows out, while shaving will have your sides grow back fuzzy and without shape! Unless you intent on keeping it buzzed then go nuts with the razor, otherwise growing it out isn't so bad.


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