Monday, March 3, 2008

Beautiful strawberry blond highlights in auburn brunette hair

Subtle dark blonde highlights in auburn, brunette, reddish hair.

Keywords: highlighting, highlights, auburn hair color, foils, foil


momway said...

I love the haircolor in the picture but is it strawberry blond highlights or is it dark blond highlights in auburn hair that is shown.

Anonymous said...

What is this hairstyle called? Will it suit people with round faces?

Kelly said...

love the haircolor in the picture but is it strawberry blond highlights or is it dark blond highlights in auburn hair that is shown.

**It looks to be dark blond highlights in auburn hair, however, if you get your hair foiled, they can keep your regular color (example if its brunette/brown) and weave in auburn lowlights with lighter highlights. If that makes sense.


This hairstyle doen'st really have a name except a long layered cut (nothing particular...)

And yes, it's great on people with round faces because the longer hair makes roudn faces look more oval.

The only people who might have trouble with this is if you have a long face, then you'll need an side-swept bang or bangs or some face framing layers otherwise your face will look really long (I know this as I have a long face and have learned many great techniques to hide it!)

But yes, round faces look fantastic in this, most face shapes can wear it in various ways.

stealingisn'tcool said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stealingisn'tcool said... stole this picture off my friend's flickr site without her permission. Not cool!

Kelly said...

I only use photos on Flickr that allow for blogging, there's a tab that says, "Blog This" -- it allows for others who like the photo to be able to use it.

If she wants me to take it down, I'd be happy to- have her contact me. But she may watn to change her account options if she doesn't want others to use her photos, because she has it set up to allow others to use/blog them.

I only used it because I thought it was available adn it was such a lovely photo.

Megan said...

I love this hair color! I am an auburn sort of color, myself, and I would like to ad a dramatic change in natural colors (brown, blonde, etc.) to my hair to get different look. This is definately the look for me!

Alli Kate said...

...I suggest that your "friend" get her flickr copyrighted if she doesn't want her photos stolen.

stealingisn'tcool said...

I was just commenting because my friend (why the quotes?) was shocked when she saw her picture in a google search. She hadn't known about the 'do not blog' setting on flickr and has since changed it...but being the sweetheart she is she said she's ok with her picture being on here.

Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers.

Kelly said...

Dear Stealin'

Thanks for letting me know. I think your friend has beautiful hair, which is why I included her.

No feathers ruffled, I just like to use normal people on this blog b/c I think it's more doable when trying to find a hairstyle.


Anonymous said...

This post has been removed by the author:)
What did I say???

Anonymous said...

Sooo, looks lovely the auburn with the honey blonde highlights, but...what do you do when it is time to recolor the auburn - do you foil the already highlighted areas, put a base cream on it to protect the blonde strands or just color it all and then re-highlight the blonde once again? I want to do this - Tova Borgnine has this look - it's beautiful! but I am so afraid of the upkeep to retouch.

Anonymous said...

i have a sort of like dark caramel color & right , and it was my first time dying it . how can i get my hair to become this color ? because its lovely , i love the highlights and all .

Kelly said...

This is kind of a complex color. My suggestion would be to bring the photo to your stylist. They could probably do it by giving you an auburn base color then gentle subtle highlights on that. It will probably be a double process like that, but a gorgeous color.

But yes, print it out or bring in your phone with this photo on it and show it to a stylist, s/he can get you what you want. I'm not sure a store-dye would do it (sorry to say as that would be much cheaper!)


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