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Bella Swan's hairstyle (photo) from Twilight

twilight movie stills, originally uploaded by cybermelli.

Here's a photo from the movie Twilight of Kristen Stewart's hairstyle.

To achieve this look, you need long hair and dyed in an auburn color, dark auburn. You could even dye underneath a darker brunette or even black color to achieve the two-tone effect.

Ask your stylist for LONG layers and NOT choppy. If your hair has natural wave to it you're set, if not, get out the big curling iron and roll some waves into your hair. Add a thin black headband for style and you're set.

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Anonymous said...

How do you do the waves in her hair without overdoing it? Please answer asap. Thanks for the help!

Kelly said...

Just use a medium to a large curling iron and roll strands (say about 1" wide) of your hair around it like a spiral. The key is to brush them out (otherwise you'll just have ringlets...)

The key is not to do too much. And if you do overdo it just spritz it down a bit with water. This can help a lot.

Kelly said...

OH and if you have hair that won't hold a curl very well. Spray a little hairspray on it while you have it wrapped in the curling iron, that will help.

Rachel said...

what is the exact technique you should use to do this? thanks:)

Kelly said...


Getting the right cut is the first thing. Long hair with subtle layers. (bring this photo to your stylist).

Then blowdry your hair with your fingers to give it movement, then to add those curls, use a larger curling iron as I suggested and twirl a few strands around it, brush them out a bit or use your fingers so they don't look like ringlets.

hope that helps.

Rachel said...

thanks ! i am growing my hair a bit longer, then i will get the right haircut

Anonymous said...

How do you make your hair look like her's with the headband. I mostly looking how to do the headband. My hair is a little shorter than her's. I'm still growing it out and I have long layers. So hopefully it will work out.

Anonymous said...

is there a way 2 do it in a more natural way?
like without a curling iron?

Kelly said...

How do you make your hair look like her's with the headband. I mostly looking how to do the headband. My hair is a little shorter than her's. I'm still growing it out and I have long layers. So hopefully it will work out.

Without the headband, you would need bobpins or hairspray or ot blow it dry to its off your face/forehead. Maybe gel would help. It's kind of a different look wihtout it. I think the key is to get it off your face...or wear a headband when you're styling it, hairspray it so it's off your face then take it off about 10 minutes later.

Next question--

is there a way 2 do it in a more natural way?
like without a curling iron?

Unless you have naturally wavy /somewhat curly hair...not really. If you have wavy/curlier hair, you can scrunch it dry with your fingers and a blowdryer or diffuser.

if you don't have wavy/curlier hair, your hair will be straight. They do have these curlers (you can buy them in the $1 store, I just saw them there) that you roll in your hair and then spray with a good hairspray (not Suave or a cheapy brand, but some high powered stuff). Eat breakfast. walk around the house with your hair in these curlers then take them out for some waves. Depending on how heavy your hair is will determine if the waves will stay.

hope that helps. Good luck to you both!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty stupid.. :) but yy hair has a sort of side fringe, well parted from the left and i want it to be like Bella which is parted in the middle. But when i do that, i look really ugly.. i dont know what to do?

And if i go to the hairdressers, should what should i ask them to do to my hair if i want it like bellas? Thanks if anyones replies, it would help :)

Anonymous said...

oops i meant 'my' not 'yy' :)

Anonymous said...

To the latest comment:

if yu want a middle part but yu have a side swept fringe then this is how yu do it:

i had a side swept fringe like yu said and now i hav a fringe like bellas..
wat i did was i had 2 let my fringe grow out as long as below my ears. once it is that long after yu hav washed yur hair part it in the middle and put both parts of yur hair tuked behind yur ears. that way it wont go flat on yur face and flow to the sides. or pin yur fringe bak with the part in the middle.

for it to look good yu must have it long.. atleast below yur ears and it must not be really thik.

i really hope that helped.

Anonymous said...

I already have my hair like Bellas but how do you do the hairband thing? Do you just put it on or is their a specific way to put it on?

Laura said...

Would a natural reddish brown be to far off for this colour?

like this one? or would i have to go find another dye first

Anonymous said...

how would i do the hairband?

Kelly said...

Laura, I couldn't get your link to the haircolor, but name (reddish brown) sounds about right. Also know when you first dye your hair, it's darker then will eventually fade out with each washing.

RE: Hairband-- The hairband is actually very easy. Just find one similar to it and put it on your head (don't put it on from the front where pull all your hair back), just go from the top and place it over your head pulling your bangs back slightly (you can also use hairspray), but that should do it.

Bella Silvani said...


i got to yor link though thepicture was very small! I could see it though and it was absolutley fine! Even thoughi haven't asked any questions i wanna say Thanks t Kelly she's realy helped me nd i think everyone Thanks Kelly!
p.s My name is Bella (chuffed!)

Bella Silvani said...

Try what Kelly says she seems like a proper Stylist!

Bella said...

Hey Guys!,
i ust tried this and it worked out great!!! But i do have on tip, try not to burn all you fingers! i missed on part on my hair and i went to twist the plasic part on the end of the Nicky
Clarke curling iron which isnt hot and put my index finger and fumb strait on the hot part!OUCH! I will recomend the Nicky Clarke curlng iron if your not a clux like me! The waves look pretty cool ! If you get these curles stay on one and remember to check that you on itcoz sometime your finger puhes it round!!!
hope i helped!!!

cass a frass said...

How do i do curls like that?
I have a 1" curling iron and it never seems to get like bella's curls. and yes i even brushed threw them with my fingures.

so how do i do the curls?

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love bella's hair!!
I'm gonna try it out.
What if your hair is longer than that but also thicker? What is the difference? btw, does she straighten her hair b4 the curlz.
The curls are really smooth.
how does she DO THAT?!

Kelly said...

Bella's hair is pretty thick, so I don't think that will be a problem, just use some Frizz-Ease on your hair so it's smoother and not as big (as thick hair can be).

I've started using this dry velcro rollers after my hair is dry and they are working very well. (And they are super-cheap to buy, less than $5 for 4).

Once your hair is dry, put your hair into sections (not too much, but not so little that you'll end up with too much of a curl--you may have to experiment). Once your hair is rolled up, spray with hairspray, then wear your curlers aroudn while you have breakfast, put on makeup, etc.

After about 15 minutes take it out and you should have a pretty good bella wave. The curlers come in all sizes, use bigger ones if you have longer hair. Smaller ones if you're trying to get this look but have shorter hair.

Smooth curls are from lightly brushing out your curls (from a curling iron) - and having a really good movie hair stylist! For us, just try to brush out your hair softly, also use a product liek Frizz Ease or the Frizz Ease product you put on dry hair (it's late and I'm forgetting what it's called.)

Anwyay, always remember, her hair always looked so good b/c she was in a movie or htey styled it for a photograph. I've seen photos fo her in real life and her hair isn't as perfect.

But we can get very close to this. It's not that hard to do.

Oh and watching Twilight again, I was realizing just how much bangs she has in front, there's a few scenes where you can really see that her hair is not one length, but very layered and with long bangs.

Good luck to you all. I'm sure you all look great!

Anonymous said...

For the headband technique:

It looks like they've trapped her bands underneath the band.

After the curling and what not, take your finger and "part" your hair by bringing all the hair (bangs and all) from the back part of your ear forward. Secure the rest of the hair you aren't using with a rubber band to keep it out of the way.

Next, separate the hair into two parts: a side piece and the bangs.

When I say side piece, I mean this:

See how she has a thick strand of hair from the side of the head just kind of hanging there in front of her ear? Do that.

Take the bangs and clip them back loosely and sweepingly along with the rest of your hair.

Take your headband and place it on your head so that the front hair strands are left out and the band is holding your bangs to the side of your head.

Take out all clips and rubber bands. Loosely pull the bangs out a bit on top to give it that "heart" shape that Bella's has. And that's it!

I'll be posting a tutorial on Bella Swan How To's on my DeviantArt account sometime this month if you're all interested. My link is below.

Anonymous said...

i have blondy-brown hair and its wavey but the only problem is that im not dying my hair completly brown cause i would probly look very weird

Anonymous said...

my hair doesn't curl very well-it looks like im trying too hard-but guess what i found the exact headband she wears in the movie!

Anonymous said...

I have naturally curly hair. Would I have to straighten it first to achieve this look?

Anonymous said...

I have bella's curls hair couler and head band all i need in layers (my hair is like bella's every day it's natural

Bella yes my name is really bella and don't freak that my boyfriends name in Edward

Anonymous said...

How can i do it!! my hair is really damaged and when my hair gets wet it goes curly (like bad curls)so i straighten it.I have a side fringe so when i part my hair in the centre i look really ugly :(

can soemone help me!??

p.s: i have the length and the layers

Anonymous said...

Bella's exact hair color is called deep chesnut brown. i found her hair color after much reasearch in the directors notebook written my Cathrine Hardwik about the movie twilight. I tried dying my hair a similar color because my hair is the exact same style; long and curly, it turned out close but didn't have the same reddish tint so this time i did a deep chesnut brown and i was sucessful!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting this. Would you know of a good video tutorial?

Jamie Martin said...

Hey, can you tell me how to put the head band in? every time I do it, it either looks REALLY pulled back, or that it has no purpose being in my hair...

Kelly said...

Real Marian-- sorry I don't know of a video tutorial

Jamie-- 2 ways you can do this. One, put it in so it's pulled back tighter then push it forward a bit so it loosens, you can do this a couple times until you get the look you want.

Or two- put your hair kind of behind your head and put it on from on top (this makes the headband more stylish than functional, but it might help if you keep from looking so pulled back).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately my hair is really cury, frizzy and thick... In order to get her softer curls what should i do? Should i straighten my hair first, or should i just try and curl it. When i try and just curl it the curls tend to just fall out of place and disappear. My hair is just to thick..So in this case how would i get my hair to look like this?

Kelly said...


Please don't chemically straighten your hair. There are so many great haircuts for really curly hair, I know it can be a pain, but honestly, there are a lot of us who love thick curly hair and really think it can be a signature look for you.

Anyway, to your question-- It really depends on how curly your hair is what you do. If it's super curly find a good product for curly hair that loosens it a bit (NOT CHEMICALLY) but something like FrizzEase can be really good to calm it down a bit.

You may not be able to get your hair to look exactly like this, but I actually think a little more curl (or wave) to this look would be gorgeous.

If you're curling your hair and your hair isn't staying, spray a little salon-type hairspray (the good stuff, not suave or the stuff from drugstores) on the curling iron then uses your fingers to you don't have ringlets.

If you hair is very very curly, you can put some product in it like FrizzEase then when it's dry use a hot straightener on it then curl it a bit, but honestly, I think you should really try to work this hairstyle to how your hair already is and allow more curls to show.

I think curly hair is gorgeous and you should highlight in instead of changing it to fit what is the "hot" style.

Anyway, I hope those ideas help a little bit. You know hair best, so play with it and maybe try a new product to see if helps. I'm a big fan of the frizzease products, they have made my highlighted hair look healthy and tamed it down when it was getting too big (I also have thick hair, not curly, but a weird wave I can't do anything with).

Good luck to you!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God. It's just a movie. Edward isn't actually that hot. Bella isn't actually that pretty. The acting was stupid. And all of you fags who are obssessed with twilight, i have news for you, GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! U girls who only think about yourself, edward and your fugly hair, you seriously need to get a boyfriend ot a hobby or some shit like that.

Anonymous said...

And by the way you guys dont need to look like bella for people to admire you.

amanda said...

My name's Sola *yes real name*..
I'm trying to get the EXACT name of the dark auburn and the darker brunette undertone that was used for stewarts hair.
My hair is exactly like stewarts curls, length and all. I've been wanted to go a darker color, because i'm blonde, but last time i dyed my hair brown my red tint came through horribly *yes the red is natural* it makes it a pain anytime i dye it. well i noticed the red in stewarts hair and thought to myself, ya know that could work. So if you know the exact name of the products used i would greatly appreciate it.

amanda said...

I'm also on my friends account..
sorry i just saw how weird that looked lol..Her name is Amanda, my is Sola, just so there's no confusion when reading my comment

TK Rainy said...

To one of the recent comments:
YOU need to get a life. What do you do all day, look up twilight forums and post negative comments?
Also, it's not just a movie, there's a series.
Twilight isn't my favorite book/movie, but I liked Bellas hair, a lot.
It's cute.
I'm waiting to grow my hair out,
and it is NOT because I want to look like Bella.
I have a boyfriend, and a life with much to do.
Shut up.

Sorry to those of you who don't approve my message, but I'm just so irratated with people today.

Anonymous said...

I have really thick hair and it just touches my shoulders, I'm trying to grow it but my hair grows really slowly. I have a natural fringe and wavy hair which is flicky. What should I do to get Bella's look?

Anonymous said...

Just to add on to the post above, my hair is about the same colour as Bella's hair. When I meant i have a natural fringe, my hair has a very bad habit of flicking at the end of it and it is a side fringe to the right.


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