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Robert Pattinson bedhead hair (photo)

Robert Pattinson, originally uploaded by rrobertpattinson.

THis post on how to get Robert Pattison's hair is actually for the photo below, but I was too tired to type it all out for this photo. Basically, it's all the same steps, but this photo uses pomade to get the more greasy look or you could just not wash your hair, that works too.

Also, I didn't say this in the other photo because his hair doesn't look as curly, but if you have straighter hair and want the curls you can achieve that with a big curling iron. Honestly, I'm not sure any guy wants to start using a curling iron, but you asked. You can also go to your stylist and get a very look body wave perm with large rollers to get a little more curl/wave in your hair. I really don't think you need to though. I'd be annoyed if my boyfriend took longer to get ready than I did and cared *too much* about his looks. (Vanity kills.)

Anyway, more of this can be achieved with a hot blowdryer and some gel/mousse.

Here's the original post which goes with the photo below where Rob Pattison is looking more clean-cut.

Okay, so I normally just do hairstyles for gals, but I've had a lot of requests from Twilight fans for Robert Pattison's hair (aka Edward Cullen from Twilight) and how to reproduce it. I think there are quite a few girls who want to give them boyfriends a makeover.

Anyway, here's the scoop-- If your guy doesn't have thick hair, this is going to be a lot harder to do. Thin fine hair won't look as good, it will end up looking more like Sting in the 80's (when he had hair) than Edward Cullen.

But if he has thick hair or course hair, you may be okay. The best hair for this is thick, course hair with a natural wave or even a little curl can be worked with. Also, it needs to be long, but not too long or it will go flat. Also, in the photo above he has some subtle blond highlights that your stylist can achieve with a foil, or you'll get naturally in the summer from teh sun.

The key to this hairstyle is product, meaning gel or mousse. Gel is the best on wet hair. Then flip your (his!) head upside down and blowdry on high all over the place. From teh back forward for the best look. When the hair is dried flip your head up and add pomade (Pomade (also called pomatum) is a greasy or waxy substance that is used to style hair. ) to style strands-- don't use too much or you'll look Euro Tech. If you're not good with pomade just run some light mousse throughout your hair and kind of scrunch with your hands. Then hairspray to the perfect form.

Also, if your hair is not high enough or poufy enough like Robert Pattison's flip your head over and use the blowdryer on dry hair and hairspray while you're upside down. (Be careful not to overdo it here or you'll have Albert Einstein hair if your hair is too long.)

Again, when you're done run your fingers throung your hair to calm it down a bit.

Also, once this is done, you can continue to have Robert Pattison hair (edward Cullen hair) by not washing it every day. Let it go for about 3-4 days, bedhead actually helps this look. This photo is a more styled Rob Pattison, but if you look at hte photos I have above, these are the more bed-head, greasy, non-caring Rob Patison looks.

So, there you go. Your twilight hair for guys.

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