Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight's Nikki Reed & Kristen Stewart's hairstyle (photo)

Photographer wrote:
So, for the past 48 hours, I've been to CrazyTown and Back.

I decided that once every ten years or so, I'd give myself a two day pass to act like a lunatic.

I decided to go on the "Twilight Tour" and hit the Rob Pattinson appearance in King of Prussia, PA and then the Kristen Stewart appearance in Paramus, NJ.

It was........ interesting! Actually, all in all, it was kinda fun -- though exhausting.

They rushed you through the events b/c of the sheer number of crazies in attendance. But, it was still cool to get to see them up close, even if it was only for a second.

And, a nice bit of last minute excitement before seeing the movie on Thursday night!

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