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How to get Robert Pattinson's hairstyle (photo)

Robert Pattinson, originally uploaded by Zalina Sofia.

Okay, so I normally just do hairstyles for gals, but I've had a lot of requests from Twilight fans for Robert Pattison's hair (aka Edward Cullen from Twilight) and how to reproduce it. I think there are quite a few girls who want to give them boyfriends a makeover.

Anyway, here's the scoop-- If your guy doesn't have thick hair, this is going to be a lot harder to do. Thin fine hair won't look as good, it will end up looking more like Sting in the 80's (when he had hair) than Edward Cullen.

But if he has thick hair or course hair, you may be okay. The best hair for this is thick, course hair with a natural wave or even a little curl can be worked with. Also, it needs to be long, but not too long or it will go flat. Also, in the photo above he has some subtle blond highlights that your stylist can achieve with a foil, or you'll get naturally in the summer from teh sun.

The key to this hairstyle is product, meaning gel or mousse. Gel is the best on wet hair. Then flip your (his!) head upside down and blowdry on high all over the place. From teh back forward for the best look. When the hair is dried flip your head up and add pomade (Pomade (also called pomatum) is a greasy or waxy substance that is used to style hair. ) to style strands-- don't use too much or you'll look Euro Tech. If you're not good with pomade just run some light mousse throughout your hair and kind of scrunch with your hands. Then hairspray to the perfect form.

Also, if your hair is not high enough or poufy enough like Robert Pattison's flip your head over and use the blowdryer on dry hair and hairspray while you're upside down. (Be careful not to overdo it here or you'll have Albert Einstein hair if your hair is too long.)

Again, when you're done run your fingers throung your hair to calm it down a bit.

Also, once this is done, you can continue to have Robert Pattison hair (edward Cullen hair) by not washing it every day. Let it go for about 3-4 days, bedhead actually helps this look. This photo is a more styled Rob Pattison, but if you look at hte photos I have above, these are the more bed-head, greasy, non-caring Rob Patison looks.

So, there you go. Your twilight hair for guys.

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googlenubler said...

hey i just wanted to say that i have very thick hair, and ivve tried only tried this rob style using medium hold wax and it sorta failed for me. so i was wundering what type of gel and wax you would recomend for very thick hair to pull off the rob pattinson look?

Kelly said...

Here are some recommendations:

Tea Tree Control and Shine Pomade
By American Crew

Baxter of California Clay Pomade


Also, I like the Bed Head brand--
Bed Head Power Trip Gel

TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Sculpting Putty

I may try the bed head products first if you haven't yet.

Also, don't be afraid of what some salon hairspray (aka "product") can do with a blowdryer for thick hair. My big issue with the hairsprays that you get in salons is that they stink. I have one that works really well (my hairstylist always says that it could stop bullets), but I'm not 100% in favor of it because I don't like the smell as much I as I other products in this line.

The hairspray is called AEROGEL because it "has the flexibility of a gel and the control of a spray fixitive for hold with a supple feel."

As I said, it works, but it's not my favorite scent.

Hope that helps!

googlenubler said...

ok thx for advice, i think i will go buy this stuff lol. and how much gel and then wax do you add?

Kelly said...

Usually no more than the size of a quarter. Just experiment, you'll be fine (you'll definitely know if you use too much!)

googlenubler said...

oh and one more question, do you have to go to a hair salon to buy these products or can u get them at shoppers drugmart or somewhere else?

Kelly said...

Bedhead products are sold at WalMart and other stores.

If you want the fancy hairspray you can get that at a salon (they can help you with what will be best for your hair, and if you wanted to get your pomade or gel there, they could help you too as well and maybe even give you a sample).

You pay a little more for the products at salons, but they will teach you how to use it. I suggest printing out the Robert P photo, bringing it in on your next haircut and just saying, "What do I need to do this?" They will get you everything you need (and maybe more, so make sure you just buy the basics if you want to save $$ or let them know).

Otherwise, in some cities there are stores that sell discounted salon products, or WalMart has some good products for less money.

Good luck!

googlenubler said...

thx for info i will try 2 find the products and if i cant i will go to a salon for a haircut i guess.

Karl said...

hey there i was reading through the description, and was woundering after you mentioned about leaving it for a few days for a messy look, what do you do with it in the mornng just add alittle more wax to poof it up alittle? cheers

Kelly said...

Hi Karl,

Normally, nothing is better for this look than a little bedhead (and not the product, just sleeping on this look can produce some good results!)

The wax is good, but if your hair is starting look greasier than you'd like, I'd stick with some good hairspray (spritz if you like it to have a "harder" look).

If you want also, flip your head over and blowdry from the roots to the outer hair. You can also use a little hairspray here too. When you flip your head up, your hair may be way-poufy (depending on the length), just scrunch it in with your fingers (using a product of wax if you like) or just some hairspray or hairspritz.

That will definitely get the pouf back into it.

Oh and by the way, this is an odd tip but I'm going to mention it just in case-- if your hair looks good but it's getting a little greasy on the roots you can use some baby powder (no kidding) to get rid of the greasiness. Just don't use too much or you'll have a white mess and maybe find UNSCENTED baby powder so you don't look like a cute Robert Pattison, but spell like a baby's... :-)

Hope that helps!

Erik said...

i have really thick hair, 3-5 in long usually. What do i use and do to make it messy bed look likr rob


Kelly said...


Try different kinds of Pomade - it's a styling gel of sorts. I like the brand bedhead.

But you want a waxy styling product to keep your hair looking messy and to hold your longer hair.

Check any drug store in the hair aisle and look for the term "wax" or "waxy" on the product.

Kelly said...

PS Eric,

Also, a hot blowdryer on your hair while bending over so you hair/head is upside down will help too.

Dalton said...

Hey Kelly, Im thinking about getting my hair cut, its shoulder length right now, so should I get it cut to about 3 inches in length?

Also, can you clarify whether you put gel/mousse in your wet hair before you blow dry it, or after?

southerener said...

thanks it really works i was a bit sceptical at first the only thing is now i don't know whether it suits him as much as i thought. Do you think it would maybe suit him better if he got more toned and muscular?

Jason said...

Hey Kelly i have really fine/thin hair and i was wondering what advice you would give me to maybe help pull off this type of hairstyle

drummerluke36 said...

Hey, like she said if you HAVE THICK WAVY HAIR. it will fit awesome u need that wavy part at the end to flip back like his hair. also.. what i like to do is when i jump out of the shower. medium dry my hair so it still has quite a bit of moisture in it.. if you dry it all the way it will get to curly for you to fix it. and then as soon as i medium dry it . i go and use. a product called electrix wax from redkin. its hold #11 and will work perfect!! add a bit of hairspray for a couple of strands and make sure u have some of those highlights and it will work perfect!

victor said...

i got curly bangs and the rest is kind of wavy but and i do have thick hair . how long will the style last before my hair start to curl ?

Graham said...

I have very straight hair. will i still be able to achieve this look?

kumar shubham said...
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